WHAT SHOULD I HAVE to live up to 100 years?

The Japanese nation, staged nature and civilization to a standstill, better than the rest of humanity has given an answer to this question. With a lack of space for living and clean air, the Japanese hit record for life expectancy. Almost 80 years living in the average Japanese person! In Ukraine 55. Japanese mainland washed by the waters of the ocean. It was from his descendants of the samurai draw water health. A variety of seafood from small mussels, shrimp and sea cucumbers to large octopus and even whales. Famous Japanese sushi. Seaweed gently encircles every little roll (and I want to say movie) with rice, small fish or marine crustaceans. Serve it all necessarily with ginger and bitterness. And not by accident. The algae, in particular we are all well-known sea kale, a proven source for thousands of years of unique minerals and other compounds that prolong human life. What stands alone spirulina! It is a storehouse, a real Klondike of minerals, antioxidants, all the "sea periodic table and all vegetable protein 99,9%! [Cut] And as the Japanese eat? Did you pay attention to the tiny portions of food and prolonged rituals proactive start the meal? Geisha protantsuet at least a couple of erotic dance and sing to the Japanese sonnet very long before you will be served an entree. From the kitchen with living flame burst stunning flavors. Both in such an atmosphere, the gastric juice is not formed at the right volume for digestion centenarians?! minute later, the same dances and stories about passionate love will distract you from overeating. And how slowly eat Japanese chopsticks and why? Try it, it will not ladle, much like do not try, do not jostle in the mouth. Half portions are still in the "bottomless "tiny silver platter, and all the precious time comes, impersonal, reducing the desire to overeat. Instead of crime, traditional sweets smart Japs have long indulge stevia. This is a super-plant caressed the literature on nutrition, as if smeared with honey, by the way, is 40 times sweeter than sugar and the same honey, In our part of the miracle plant is not well-known, though it is considered native, ours, which grow with us. Vast plantations in the Crimea! Japanese pastry bursting with abundance of cakes, pastries and other sweet "Turkish Delight." It can not be called cloying. We have a supermarket on the counter once and I accidentally saw a yogurt with stevia. On it, you can write ballads. On her mini-calorie "killed" hypnotic force, life-giving abilities, the healing properties of the body and the psyche, prolonging human life. Sedin as indispensable attribute of a respectable age for a long time to disappear "best" time for all those who use stevia instead of sugar. Verified by their own head of hair, In the "Land of the Rising Sun" uses stevia in yogurt, Biscuits, as a natural preservative and is absolutely harmless for roll on winter fruits. Our stevia is sold in pharmacies modest guise of dry leaves and syrup. Sheet need to grind to a powder in a coffee grinder, to the point itself is not useful green powdered sugar, and "puff" it is not only the stomach and the brain and the traditional sweet tooth, gradually descending the grave. And so to the full recovery and poumneniya! obtained in this manner, "green sugar" should be added to yogurt, fermented baked milk or yogurt, stirring with a mixer with a lemon and a variety of other raw or dried fruit. Having such a refined, elite drink on his desk , our nation will soon have all the chances to take the second place! Ram Panasevich Svirsky, director of the medical center "Chestnut"

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