what would happen if Eremenko will play against Russia?

Much ado is not required as the "SE" have already written. Let’s get straight to the facts. Last week was played qualifiers and friendlies different teams, provided for in the FIFA calendar. The Russian team was resting, getting ready for the game against Finland. However, paradoxically, the Russians still out on the field. Including in the Finns — our rivals in tomorrow’s qualifying meeting in Helsinki. Learn more — in the material correspondent "SE" Eugene Dzichkovsky. [Cut] Before this discrepancy would cause problems. Today, everyone knows what it is about. Yes, the Russians are playing for the national teams of other countries. And not afraid to still be caught in something. Alexei Eremenko, ranking in the "Saturn" as our compatriot, the game was marked with Liechtenstein assists Paz Finn Forssell. The Belarusians have shown Andorran gruel with the Russian goalie Zhevnova of "Moscow" and Samartsev Kalacheva who also have the documents with the double-headed eagle. Moldovans dealt with the Georgians, with the support of Russians Epureanu of the same "Moscow" and Golovatenco of "Khimki". Uzbeks have caused the collection, but have not used in a game against the Japanese owner of Russia’s purple booklets Bikmaeva of Nalchik "Spartacus", which until recently, speaking for the "Wings of the Soviets", was a citizen of Uzbekistan. The Armenian national team until August matches will not, otherwise this company would certainly added goalkeeper Berezovsky of "Khimki" openly declared in an April interview with "SE", he has two passports. Friendly meetings with the French and the Irish held last week and Nigerians. Both took an active part railroader (it is possible that Hons) Peter Odemwingie. What’s so wrong with that, on the one hand? Should be proud of. Simple Tatar boy celebrates Russia in international battles high heater! Stop. Why Russia? Is Odemwingie and all of the above shall be presented before the relevant football authorities play a Russian passport? Instead, they hid it deep. And getting out the other, praising Nigeria, Moldova, Finland, Belarus … PENDING roast poultry there in all this deep inconsistency, in my opinion. Including legal. According to the laws of the Russian Federation citizens of our country not allowed to have dual citizenship, except in rare, unless otherwise stated. The only country with which Russia has an agreement on dual citizenship — Tajikistan. Citizens of other countries, becoming the Russians must file a disclaimer on their existing nationality other. Doing this is not required when it is provided by an international treaty of the Russian Federation, the Law on Citizenship of the Russian Federation or if the "rejection of the other citizenship is impossible because the person does not depend on the reasons." There are cases when Russian citizenship assigns himself the country’s president. As in basketball, for example, where the Russians were Americans Holden Hansen, McCarthy, American Hammon, Miller and Nolan. Formally, this was done in the interests of the Russian national team, for which all six have the right to speak. But football has no naturalization to the interests of the Russian national team any relation. On the contrary, it harms it as is done primarily in the interests of clubs, bypassing the limit on foreign players, and the second — in the interest of the players, which Russian citizenship provides additional features. And that’s what this implies. In two tournaments, held under the auspices of FIFA — the world championship and the championship of Russia — the same players out on the field, with different nationalities. Though with Russian law, this situation fit in badly. Does this mean that Liechtenstein, for example, may appeal against the outcome of the game in FIFA with the Finns and Andorra — with Belarus? Stirred up the Russian side, if your guy in all respects her tomorrow Eremenko score a couple of goals, including the winner? And it is not such a roasted cock waiting in the RAF to snap finally Legionnaire title to the status of a person who is not entitled to play for Russia? By the way, what can be said in response to FIFA’s possible objections? The most likely option: "For us, Eremenko — Finn Kalachev — Belarusian, Berezovsky — Armenian Odemwingie — Nigerian. And why they have you considered the Russians in Russia — not our business, is that you ask yourself at home." And does not the fact that the opinion of the FIFA change unless they see it with their own eyes Russian passports to these people. Officials in Nyon does not need an extra headache, in this sense, they are little different from their Russian counterparts. In Ukraine, NOT SO! It is clear that in our legislation gaping hole next: dual citizenship under existing laws have not, and two passports — easily. It is also clear that to eliminate this discrepancy football authorities will be extremely difficult because of their impact on the Russian legislators negligible. But clearly something else: common sense in the current status quo — not a penny. And confirmed that in the event that Russian Alexei Eremenko play tomorrow against the same Russian team. Information for consideration: other Eremenko — brother Roman — in Kiev "Dynamo" number of full-Finn. Ukrainian limit — seven strangers, their four — extended to him in the past season in full. In general, the way it should be, since before becoming the Finns, the two brothers were Russians, not Ukrainians. On the other hand, in Ukraine there is no case similar to ours. The neighbors all zhelezobetonno: either you’re a Ukrainian or not. Either you can play for a yellow-Blakytny team, or considered to be foreigners. And no one there cares, notice that each of your pocket can lie on the passport of another country. For FFU importantly — who are you with football point of view, and let the Foreign Ministry with the passports and immigration service sorted out, that’s their problem. With a similar approach, and we all greatly simplified. Amisulashvili, Gvazava Bikmaeva, Golovatenco, Kalacheva, Zhevnovu and so on would not make sense to pass our passport circles of hell. They still fall under the limit on foreign players — so is it worth to spin, like a snake in a frying pan? Of course, the part of the latter-day Russians are possible protests. As they say, so I — a citizen of Russia, and falls under the limit on foreign players? Infringement! But does the fact that the man we call a Russian citizen and who handed the precious pasportinu Redskins, playing for the national team of another country — no infringement of the rights of all of us, the Russian football? HOLE in the fence Imagine the scene. In Spartakovskaya office sits Valery Karpin. In Kislovodsk — Vyacheslav Grozny. In St. Petersburg — Dick Advocaat. They sit and tormented by the thought: "ponapridumyvali this limits the RFU, the composition of whom do not cut!" I’d like to say to them: "Hold on, my, this is the team to Russia!" Yes it is impossible to say such a thing, because the benefit of newcomers limitations blurs people. For dvuhpasportnikov our limit — a colander. Control at the entrance, next to which — a hole in the fence. For what then torment Karpin with Grozny? Where is the logic? In the everyday sense case with two passports ambiguous, but football management, he is sure to give in, it would wish. And it really was. This winter, there was a attempt to make appropriate amendments to the regulations. Happened — and failed: in the Premier League found that about innovations clubs found out too late and their consequences will not be able to cope. Sound idea. That’s just something I have not heard anything about the timing, which moved is the adoption of the new rule. The next time a decision will break again two days before the start of the new season — to be late again. Designate intenti
ons, the RFU and the Premier League! Warn clubs, it does not become a surprise for them. To test the waters in state agencies to insure against possible protests. Stop passport freebooters, at least in part related to the football you! And for Alexei Eremenko tomorrow follow, of course. If you play the way he played in "Saturn" for the past year, about any protests, I believe, and thoughts will arise. http://news.sport-express.ru/

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