Whats going on under the ground?




In Chile, the two scientists recorded electromagnetic signals, the mysterious radiation and more than strange vibrations emanating from the depths of the earth. The origin of these anomalies while it remains open to question, although the assumption, of course, there are all sorts of …

May 24, 2003 by representatives of the Chilean base Research Institute of Biophysics (FICI), whose headquarters is located in La Matanza, faced with unusual phenomena. They have recorded traces of radioactive radiation, microwaves, and electrical signals, plus a certain level fluctuations emanating from below, from the ground. Researchers Hesse and Jorge Omar Millstein work at 157 kilometers from the capital, in the Andes — at an altitude of 2280 meters above sea level.

* Applying the Russian gauge * near the Nevado de Cachi, they came to the conclusion that the signals are not natural, and are likely to emanate from certain machines or mechanisms controlled by intelligent beings.

"Fluctuations clearly show that a few kilometers from the Earth's surface is a kind of activity: alternating electric waves indicate the presence of power supply — said Hesse. — This could indicate the presence of engines out there." Incidentally, the test area was not chosen by chance to the territory they have climber Antonio Zuleta. At taken them four films with a video shows a strange, fast-moving lights that seem to "dive", ie, sink into the ground at that point. "We have to come back here with more sensitive equipment and with deep probes — says Millstein. — Then we can obtain more accurate data."

However, in spite of the unusual discovery, members of FICI it seems not made much of an impression. Why? Because they have long known that it is one of the areas of maximum activity of UFOs, or what they believe, alien activity. The strip of land that stretches from La Poma to Kayafate, and it has long been causing the interest of researchers from around the world. Entries Zulety climber, as well as signals from the depths of the Earth, now registered two scientists point to the fact that here we are dealing with technologies that are definitely not of the earth. "For those of us who know that the aircraft can easily penetrate the Earth's nothing new in the Andes is not open, the more there is already a mass of facts — from Ecuador to Mendoza," — said the people of FICI. And the curious thing: the head FICI Pedro Romaniuk, one of the most well-known analysts of the UFO phenomenon and the author of 20 books on the subject, is also one of the most famous contactees in South America. So for him this is not such a surprise.


"Our Continent", 03.10.2003, Moscow, n040, p.15
Author: Svetlana Anina
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