When the sky falls church



Russian military are not alien to innovation. Recently, they have invented an unprecedented military means: desantiruemye temples. They will take the soldiers of a special unit, which consists of past military training of priests. In mid-March, they visited the training camp and made the first parachute jumps. In addition, they were taught to assemble the components of these churches, which allow Russian soldiers to attend the service, regardless of their location, say on the website Russia Today.

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Such Orthodox churches have been designed specifically for the transport by plane disassembled and then be installed after landing. From a distance, they look like an ordinary military equipment, but they have a small dome and all the necessary "tools" for the Orthodox rites crucifix, bells, icons … In addition, they are equipped with a diesel engine, a refrigerator and air conditioning.

The appearance of the army desantiruemye churches provoked a mixed reaction, because at the moment, many believe that military spending is already too high. Controversially and the need for such temples. Officially, their main goal — to maintain the morale of the armed forces.

Although the first desantiruemye temples military have appeared in Russia, the idea of creating mobile churches is not new. For example, in the U.S. on the road runs the whole service truck-chapels. Be that as it may, not without malice says the Russian site in itself kind of falling from the sky priests can seriously demoralize the enemy.

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