Where are you, bitch painted Madonna? Where are you, Sting? Where, finally, you old fag Elton John?

Only one interferes with the pro-Russian propaganda to the American Corporal Bradley Manning — man of the year according to the Rasch tudey and the newspaper "Pioneer truth", putting it on par with Alexei Navalny.

American corporal, denounced the crimes of his country in Iraq, and thus make the whole of humanity is much more than a modest lawyer with a Yale education, denounced for its overseas "friends" with the machinations Timchenko "Transneft" — is in contrast to the latter — openly gay.

A homosexual in our camp did not like. And it only saves the U.S. from the harsh words of Vladimir in the face to Obama somewhere on the next "Munich" — "Free Man, pressed a little too, demons …"

Here is what PediVikiya from Manning.

In 2007, Manning enlisted in the U.S. Army. Before his arrest, he was a specialist on the analysis of intelligence battalion in support of the 2nd Brigade of the 10th Mountain Division rapid response, a member of the U.S. forces in Iraq.

In mid-May 2010 Manning made contact with the journalist and former hacker Adrian Lamo. In a private chat, he told him that it was he who gave the site WikiLeaks recording with the shooting Iraqi civilians by the U.S. military, have done a little while ago, a lot of noise. In addition, according to Manning, he also has access to a wealth of classified military documents, without the knowledge of his superiors copying them to CD-RW disc containing the songs before Lady Gaga. "I hope the international discussion, debates and reforms. If it does not, then we (humanity) are doomed as a species, "Manning explained his actions.

Bradley Manning was arrested on a tip-off Adrian Lamo at the end of May 2010. Without charge for two months he was in prison at the U.S. military base Camp Arifzhan (Kuwait), then in July 2010 he was taken to the United States. Manning was charged under articles 92 and 134 of the Code of Military Justice. The maximum possible prison sentence for this charge is 52 year.

March 2, 2011 it was announced that the original charges were added to another 22, the maximum penalty for one of them may be the death penalty.

Look at the pictures with a difference of less than a year. On the second photo, Manning after his arrest, interrogation and torture at the local military Gestapo. Compare with Puska and Navalny, who not only face is shiny but has recently started to grow boobs ….

Cool, that … Pussy Rayot — rest. "I'm sorry Devachki danced for the sake of protest" and "malchegov" simply merged Assange is in no way claiming to be the secret videotapes, as Pindos stupidly murdered in unarmed people. "

Only one kind of face fucking three-pointer, and the other — 52 years or even life (which, in principle, already monopenisualno — get out of prison in 76 years, this is certainly a fun and cool, but not so that was funny.).

I ask, where are you, bitch painted MANDONNA? Where are you, STING?, Where finally you old fagot ELTON JOHN? Edinozhopnogo your own, precious patsanenka to '52 for a sheer crap want to send to eternal evil opetushenie Negro boys, unless of course they do not execute with brrutalnogo Electros.

And just for the fact that patsanenok by the nonsense told this pendopatrioticheskomu fag-snitch chatting that vidos with the shooting he did not post it on YouTube's, as part of "Good Truth Machine" and stupidly leaked Assange …


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