Where is rolling America

I. Another stimulating consumer society

The next step is to encourage the aging of the U.S. economy has made the Federal Reserve System. On the final vote there, it was decided to stimulate the weakened economy. To do this, the Fed is going to spend 40 billion dollars a month to buy back from the market of mortgage-backed securities. Buybacks started on September 14, and by the end of this month will be spent 23 billion dollars.

Repurchase transactions aimed at reducing long-term interest rates to stimulate lending. Previously, the Fed bought in the last two of its programs from the market at $ 2 trillion. U.S. Treasury bonds and mortgage-backed securities, gryanuvshego since the 2008 financial crisis. In a statement, the Monetary Policy Committee of the Fed noted that "highly accommodative monetary policy will remain so for a considerable time, until the economic recovery is not skyrocket."

This program is a dark economic language, so as not to confuse the uninitiated, is called "quantitative easing" (an abbreviation of the Latin alphabet — QE3; triple indicates that the program — is the third in a row).

Now, a serious amount of 40 billion dollars each month will flow into the U.S. economy. It's not the same thing as the right to print money, but the essence is the same: at the new multi-billion dollar weight is no proper security assurances than the Fed is that the economy is necessary incentives. As a hedge against inflation (still inevitable, anyway), securities issued by the system will go exclusively to the banks and into the hands of the citizens or businesses will get only through loans — which should, in theory, cause not only a welcome increase in consumption (ie I mean demand, and then offers, in the famous theory of economic law), but also an increase in employment: after all, the company will take out loans for a reason, but for the expansion or reduction of production or trade.

In short, the continuation of "soft" money printing the Fed expects to improve the difficult situation on the labor market in America because unemployment is now here is 8.1%. Reducing it to 0.2 percentage points August is no fundamental plays no role: bad things in the States, is bad. If the population growth in the U.S. is 3%, the GDP growth — 2% (the forecast itself the Fed in 2012). And if we take into account that the budget deficit in the U.S. is about ten percent, the entire growth is not only really stops, but it looks negative. In this sense, the oil-deficit economy "authoritarian" Russia has in terms of GDP growth in the real, as if we did not like "raw needle."

To reduce unemployment, the Fed plans to maintain its policy of low interest rates (more precisely, a record low) and continue to buy government bonds — and so as long as the U.S. unemployment rate falls to 7%, but we'll see.

William Dudley, the head of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, said that the Federal Reserve will hold a received a crash course and on, until the recovery in the U.S. earlier in economic development. The expert says: "If you're trying to pull a car stuck in the mud, you continue to press the gas pedal at a time when the wheels start to spin — you'll be revving up, as long as the machine will not go and be free of dirt."

Mr. Dudley will probably never planks under the wheels of the car is not under. "As long as she does not go" — that is, the typical American recipe for happiness? This strategy is similar to the "inertia" solution — like a political one. No other solution, said the Fed. And the American experts who criticize the program, arguing that it would cause inflation surge, the authors of the program, in general, agree. In politics the same thing: States supports the "Arab Spring", saying the priorities of democracy and human rights, but the "Arab Spring" do not support them, which is great to a recent example of the murder of the American ambassador K. Stevens. Suffice tiny sparks that throughout the Arab world broke out anti-American flames. And what, Washington abandoned its democratic ideas — for example, in Syria? Not at all. Even recently there were new allegations of possible "test" of the chemical weapons Assad forces that are known to be pre-approved is a reason for the invasion of Syria, creating a "humanitarian corridors", "no-fly zones" of the Libyan and other paraphernalia. By the way, then-ambassador was killed in Libya.

However, if there is no other solution to raise the flagging U.S. economy, except for indirect printing money at $ 40 billion a month, that "no court no." We need only to other countries, including Mother Russia, bear in mind that in the near future the dollar will not become stronger, and confidence in the U.S. financial system will not increase. Securities may be in demand and have a stroke, but the event is purely financial rather than economic. In a country of which — as well as from European countries — many manufacturing output in Asia-Pacific region, and the number of Chinese goods in the shops comes to 85%, the problem of unemployment can not be solved by voting at the Fed.

In the U.S., more precisely, the world, the Fed is not to blame for the crisis, and certainly not to blame President Obama. Blame it capitalists who are in pursuit of profit, forget about everything — including their future. If goods in China can make a lot more profit than in the U.S. or Western Europe, with a correspondingly rising unemployment in the U.S. and Western Europe, fewer and fewer Americans or Europeans will buy these same products. Yes, we can agree to meet the needs, but this goal is now preserved only in conservative books on marketing. Modern purpose — it's not even profit at any cost, it is — profit growth at any cost. And the capitalist does not occur to him that this "any" price sooner or later have to pay to him. Or, at the very best, his kids-heirs. Mitt Romney supports an ulterior motive in his campaign speeches rich class: this Mr. whose status is equal to $ 230 million, and whose former company «Bain Capital» successfully moved to China, knows what he is talking about. He is well aware that the case of rich and poor in the United States about what they should seriously take care of a new president. Rumor has it that Mitt Romney loves warships, and Russia and China did not consider friends … Probably, manage this patriot «Bain Capital» now, he would not have allowed the transfer of production capacity in China … But for some reason back in 1999 he parted with the production, preferring to leave the foresight to sports business (the organizing committee headed by the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.) So, understand that manufacturing in America is not competitive on price setting.

And all this indirectly and directly support those who see the situation in America, "inside", "Yes, I will say, many ozhireli really do not want to work for $ 10-12 per hour. And many can not, because their loans in U.S. financial institutions do not allow them. Imagine a young graduate of the ordinary American university, which has just rolled out from college with a minus in the personal budget of 50-70 thousand dollars. About 15 years ago with his diploma, he would easily find a good paying job, say, in the company «Hewlett-Packard», but here's the problem: in California almost no branches of this company! They all suddenly moved to Asia, either in India or in China … "

Mr. Romney, by the way, in campaign speeches recently promised to create as many as 12 million jobs in America. Really create?

II. Languid and effeminate

And, while the Chinese are exhausted are injected from morning to night to earn a couple of the very dollars that Romney's former partners are paid at their plants (instead of 100-200 dollars a day, which they would have to pay to Americans), Americans have become a nation of coddled bums back to life which can not, and probably sorokaprotsentnaya unemployment.

Not for nothing, U.S. analysts have noted earlier that the major social protests in the United States ended with the last century. The present-day on the demonstrators — is a parody on the protests. Even the well-known movement "Occupy Wall Street" — and then the dummy at its core, and is on the decline, barely having time to mark the first anniversary. In addition, the U.S. government effectively used syndrome September 11, creating new institutions like the Department of Homeland Security, giving new powers to the NSA, the Transport department and others. James Petras and RI abaya argue that one of the most significant political events in recent U.S. history was an increased police state characterized by a huge expansion of police powers in the executive, the extraordinary growth of the entire arsenal of repressive bodies with hundreds of thousands of their employees, a giant open- and secretive budget and the scale of public policing, a leading monitor of more than 40 (!) millions of U.S. citizens. In this case, unfortunately, freedom-loving opposition in America almost faded. This is the main difference between the current America from the former, characterized by a broad democratic movement from the middle to the end of XX century.

Today the citizens of the great democratic country being closely monitored, and public dissent, if not publicly condemned, it is brought under control, and even under the hood. Even the relatively innocuous alarmist site infowars.com, the trouble is that the authors do not like neither Obama nor Romney, nor at the same time the decline of America — and that is monitored, starting from 2009. Yes, this is not "authoritarian" Russia, where under such control would go up all at once, "human rights activists", not so long ago sponsored by the State Department, and now sadly waving a pen departing from Moscow USAID.

The aforementioned J. Petras and RI abayas are not exaggerating. Civilian demonstrations, of course, the United States is, and very numerous, but they are more reminiscent of mass entertainment rather than angry protests. And residents of tent cities in the United States arising from the mortgage crisis, not so much (and with them the need to cope successfully with the police), so that they can represent themselves real strength. Protests in the United States — is nothing compared even with the Canadian (Quebec's) student, not to mention the protests in the "spring" of the Arab world.

The fact is that Americans have degenerated. Their new generation promises to break all records for effeminacy and worldly maladjustment.

"Walk to the school bus stop — says E. Barton Hinkle — once was a test of stamina, not a festive event. Your ancestors could bring you to the right point for the first time, but after that you have been left to themselves. No you did not photograph. And no one met you at the bus stop when you return back home. Now the parents are not only welcome — they drove up to the car in case of inclement weather. " The author adds: "The material part of the modern playground, you might notice this, hidden in the tires (less bruising), has a smaller content, if not the complete absence of moving parts (no pinched fingers). To further enhance security, some schools have banned games such as "bouncers", touch football, soccer, and even tag. Furthermore, the coating pad itself may be made of rubber crumb. Crushed tires are not only environmentally correct, they also ensure a "soft landing" for the child that ugorazdilo fall. " "When our generation was growing — says journalist — floors were strewn with gravel. Sometimes even the broken glass and pieces of iron. They are not children's causing the pain, but made a man of you. "

The result — "America softened." "… Many years ago — continues to bitterly author — conservatives lamented the fact that Daniel Bell dubbed the cultural contradictions of capitalism. According to him, the market economy develops and prospers thanks to a special set of values: hard work, thrift, perseverance, etc. But then this market economy creates a certain level of material comfort, which leads to degeneration just the same values. Capitalism, therefore, carries within it the seeds of its own destruction. "

As for the hard work and perseverance, we would add, they are America and the West in general have been short-sighted exported to China and other Asia-Pacific countries. Competition, you say? .. Well, so there is nothing to blame the mirror, that is to say to the "global financial crisis" …

By the way, the ideology of "spoofing" playgrounds in America was brilliantly predicted by Ray Bradbury (see his story "Playground").

Summary: The one who is not filled cones in childhood, get them fully in their twenty or thirty.

III. The Department of Homeland Security: More ammo!

In August 2012 a retired Lieutenant General William Boykin said «TruNews Radio» (USA) that the country's economy "is about to come crashing down." The dam will crack, will begin an acute shortage of products throughout the United States will start the pervasive violence — and all of this will be a great excuse for a formal declaration of martial law.

Boykin, who previously served as deputy director of the CIA's Special Operations, warned: "I will be very honest with you: the situation in America may arise so that martial law will actually be justified, and this situation is, in my opinion, there may come if we economic collapse will happen. "

Retired General believes that the decay of the economy need to be sure to expect riots and unrest. And the disintegration of the problems with food will come, apparently, because of the rapid process of inflation. As examples of the general causes food shortages due to rapid currency devaluation in Argentina in 2002, in Cuba — in 1989, after a change of foreign policy of the USSR and Zimbabwe — during the collapse of the national currency during the 2000s.

The general was not joking, "As for me, I made a supply of food for three months. In addition, I saved a bunch of other home necessities. "

No kidding, it seems, and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), in a hurry to continue to purchase ammunition.

Named Department released a new application for the purchase of more than 200 million rounds of ammunition, some of which are designed for sniper rifles.

A number of new applications already available on the DHS Web site FedBizOpps. It is there on the planned acquisition of 200 million rifle cartridges .223 over the next four years, and 176,000 cartridges .308 caliber — and this is in addition to the 25,000 previously purchased cartridges of the same caliber. Analysts have a concern even number of rounds for snipers, but the type of ammunition.

The acquisition rounds of .308 hardly means the realization of certain training purposes. Experts talk about the alleged use of ammunition by well-trained snipers. For example, as James says Smith.

One hundred and seventy six thousand rounds of ammunition can kill 135,384 people, has estimated this fellow, based on data from the Vietnam War: while snipers Marines spent 1.3 per cartridge homicide.

The total number of rounds purchased DHS, came to 1.4 billion pieces — and this in just six months! After a "flurry" of questions about why the federal agency takes so many bullets, the agency has refused to respond in any way and even took tsenzurovaniem information concerning petitions on ammunition.

Back in March of this year, DHS announced the purchase of 450 million rounds of .40 expansive. The bullets of the cartridges can cause maximum damage to internal organs. Why do so many of these bullet DHS? Which of these training goals?

A recently announced the purchase of agency ammunition, piercing the wall (it was the total number of 750 million rounds).

In addition, the DHS has purchased protective gear and bulletproof cockpit checkpoints are not afraid of fire.

Analysts believe that one can not ignore the fact that the preparation of the government to massive civil unrest and its suppression.


Thus, despite the softness of Americans, the weakness of street protests and challenging the Fed's actions, America's law enforcement agencies are preparing for an all-out internal war. Ammunition, tearing bodies and piercing walls, hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition for sniper rifles, fire-proof booth checkpoints and special instructions that were released recently for the U.S. army units, speak volumes. Hopefully, comrades, that is the bouncy part of the American people that do not even have time to pamper yourself in a wheelchair Wall Street on rubber playground or turn into office plankton, yet fails to show the capitalists what's what.

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin


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