Which DVR is better to choose? especially comparing!

How to choose a DVR for the car?

Hello, again you are interested in this title means that you have decided to get in my car video recorder, which is needed to protect you from false accusations. Remember, because the recorder is in your car and if you do not like, you have not declared a record.

Let’s try to figure out what qualities should have a car video recorder. Everyone already knew that the DVR is used as a witness, and therefore should ideally fix not only the traffic situation ahead of the vehicle (for fixing the traffic situation in front of you can use a mobile phone), but the traffic situation behind the car, as well as speed, turning on and off by car turn signals and brake lights. Why is it necessary? To ibezhat false accusations of the late inclusion of turn signals, and in order not to lose their freedom if you did everything right, but there are casualties. This model of DVR is ASV-Rf04 captures on video, not only the above information, but it also allows you to make up the information from the original memory cards SD, which recorded avtoproisshestvie (traffic situation) to another memory card, the copying will be made from the end to the beginning of the recording, and therefore will always be the original recording You, as the protocol you can attach a copy. 

I propose to divide units by way of installing a car into 2 groups: 1. Mounted 2. stationary allowing for connection of 2 to 4 remote cameras.

Video recorders belonging to the first group have one advantage, it’s the lack of the need to run wires from the receptionist to the camera, as all housed in one building, and the camera and the recorder itself. In addition to the benefits ukazannyzh mounted video recorders have a large number of disadvantages:

First, the presence of such a recorder left in a vehicle without the owner can result in damage to your vehicle, with the theft of DVR. The need to constantly remove the parking DVR and set it before the trip not only did not bring you much pleasure, so also mounting quickly put out of action.

Second, when the accident very often crashes the windshield, which is typically in the DVR can only guess where he can fly away and you’ll find it, and if it still on a pile of metal ride the chances of finding any remains.

Third, the majority mounted recorders saving clips lasting 10-60 seconds is not immediately on the memory card, and an interval. On some models, mounted recorders while saving clips in memory, no more recordings of road conditions (saving clips, ranging from one to several seconds), like a trifle, but even a second on the road could cost someone his life or liberty. To all this must be added the disadvantage of the disappearance of the last clip when power is off, which means that there will continue 10-60 seconds so important for you to write. Try to prove it then everything was really, who is right and who should sit, especially when the cars after the collision spun and Ned God is the victim.

Fourth, some mounted DVRs can record the speed and position, but don `t know of any model that would work fixed the turn signals and brake lights the vehicle on which the DVR.

I suggest now make out the advantages and disadvantages inherent in video recorders belonging to the second group, that is, requiring inpatient ustnovki into the car. And perhaps the only major drawback is the need for such DVRs his permanent installation and pulling wires from the DVR’s remote cameras, but that you have to make one just once.

Now let’s look at the positive qualities of stationary DVRs:

First, the steady-state recorders are installed discreetly and for this reason usually do not cause the interest of a potential thief because he recording unit can be installed anywhere in the car.

Secondly, the DVR usually has at least two channels, which connect External Chambers small size, unobtrusive, and therefore the presence of the DVR does not cause the thieves to get into your car. And, if you need to be another angle, just simply have to unscrew the camera with this lens and set the other (with the right angle).

3. There are models of recorders that can store all the information on the SD card maximum capacity of up to 128GB (ASV-RF03 and ASV-RF04), while recording is made on the ring (the memory card is completely filled, the registrar deletes the previous recording and recording a new record instead of the outdated ). Use in Car DVR SD memory cards instead of hard disk drives due to the fact that hard drives do not work, as in sub-zero temperatures, as well as when driving on rough roads, as they are afraid of shaking, again, the card is easy to remove and move to viewing on a computer;

4. there are models capable DVR to record on video not only the date, time, speed and location (Glonass-equipped module / GPS), but also the inclusion of turn signals and brake lights on the vehicle on which they are installed. Models with this DVR functionality ASV-RF produces Russian manufacturer of CCTV ASV-Technics. 5 models are certified DVRs can record all the information in its own, can not be edited format.

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