White-blue sky Rostov

In one of the later matches of the last round of the Premier League in Rostov-on-Don, Moscow "Dynamo" just had to be rehabilitated to their fans for the last two home defeats in the Champions League against Celtic and Scottish Grozny "Terek" in the championship of Russia.

Home football day in Rostov meeting was marked by the fans "Rostov" and "Dynamo" on the rubber-coated for the north stand of the stadium "Olymp-2." Despite the abundance of scoring chances and at a very tense game, the duel between the fans ended goalless draw. The outcome of the match decided to set penalties, where guests were luckier. 3-5 in favor of fans of "Dynamo".

On the eve of the match club FC "Rostov" took the initiative to support the team automobile race. A few hours before the meeting was organized by the "yellow-blue" column of several dozen vehicles that passed through the entire city center to the stadium "Olympus-2."

Although the statistics classroom meetings and speaks in favor of the "Dinamo", Muscovites triumphed thirteen times in thirty-one match, and in the twelve-team meetings do not reveal the winner, the "white-blue" matches with the Rostov obtained uneasy. Recall the appointment of the first round, when the Moscow "Dynamo" was able to win three points cherished only by the penalty spot in the gate of Benjamin Mandrykina.

Here’s the Sunday meeting and the second round was no exception. From the first minutes the home side took the initiative in the first ten minutes of Rostov struck seven attempts on goal goalkeeper of Russia. A great opportunity to open the scoring in the eleventh minute was Michael Osinov — first with a penalty kick, and then finishing off with. A few minutes later Gabulov again had to rescue his team after Lebedenco one-on-one.

By the middle of the first half onslaught hosts several dried up, not slow to take advantage of what the guests of the capital. Another counter-attack ended with the raffle trehhodovki Kombarov — Kokorin — Kerzhakov. Inside pass by Kokorina and tight strike Kerzhakova into the far corner Gerus. The ball is at the gate. Kerzhakov scored the twenty-eighth minute of the match his tenth goal of the season.

Ending the first half, however, as the beginning of the second half, were marked by attacks of the Moscow team players. Only in the 43rd minute, "Rostov" created a dangerous moment at gate Gabulov, Akimov moonlighting long ball into the penalty area and shot into the far corner, but the goalkeeper turned for a corner kick. In the second half on the flanks at the "Rostov" did not work nothing, Dynamo them tightly closed. Perhaps one can note only one point on the left flank, but Gatskan wrong with the transmission in the center. At this time, Kerzhakov regularly reminded about yourself Rostovites shot on goal during the entire second half.

By the end of the match, "Rostov" again activated, causing the crowd of fans of "Dynamo". This "slippery" billed as 0-1 and could not hold out. A series of attacks Rostovites to 85 minutes over a scuffle in the penalty area Dynamo, as a result of which Rostovites midfielder Alexander Gatskan and the visitors received a yellow card. It should be noted that the birthday boy Stanislav Sukhina almost every foul in the game said "yellow card". As a result, "Dynamo" has suffered some significant losses. In connection with the two yellow cards will miss the next match Kowalczyk and Gabulov.

In the next round, "Rostov" to hold the match in Samara with local "winglets" and "Dinamo" will have a meeting with the home country champion last year Kazan "Ruby."

"Rostov" (Rostov-on-Don) — "Dynamo" (Moscow) — 0:1 (0:1)

Goal: Kerzhakov 27.

"Rostov": Gerus, Gitselov (Akhmetovich 64), Andjelkovic, Lebedenco, Zivanovic, Lengyel, Kulchiy, Astafev Akimov (Salugin, 83), aspen (a) (P. 76), Gatskan.

"Dinamo": Gabulov, Garnet, Kolodin, Kowalczyk (Aguiar, 79), Wilkshire, Fernandez, K.Kombarov, Khokhlov (k), D.Kombarov Kerzhakov, Kokorin (Smolov, 71).

Warning: Kowalczyk, 16. Andjelkovic, 38. Astafev 47. K.Kombarov 56. Kokorin, 58. D.Kombarov, 63. Gatskan, 87. Gabulov, 87. Khokhlov, 90 +4.

Judges: Sukhin (Malahovka) Poglazov (Yoshkar-Ola), Barabash (Stavropol).

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