White colt

It is translated from the Tatar name of the new Russian light helicopter "act" of the testing and staging to production of which is JSC "Kazan Helicopter Plant".
Helicopter "act" intended for use in commercial aviation services and perform specific tasks in the system of general aviation.

"In 2012 we plan to complete the certification of the helicopter and start it supplies to customers" — said the chief designer of the "Kazan Helicopter Plant" Alex Stepanov.
He said that the list price of the new helicopter will be about $ 250 million, "At that price, the helicopter will be competitive in the aviation market", — said A. Stepanov.

A. Stepanov said that as the power plant of the "act" is planned to establish a Swiss rotary-piston engine. "Now the Swiss engine has been certified in the U.S., and then it will adapt to the Russian requirements. This work will take a year or two, "- says the source.

Helicopter "act" designed to carry two passengers and baggage. The take-off mass of the helicopter will be only 1240 kg. Maximum speed — 210 km / h, cruising speed — 155 km / h, the maximum range — 430 km, the maximum rate of climb — 6.9 m / s.

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