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Belarus — the kingdom without American coronation

Rolandas Paulauskas

Modern Belarus eyes of Lithuanian journalists Rolandas Paulauskas, which is about the tension of the last few years of hard studying Belarus, Ukraine and Poland.

Lithuanian political elite (or rather — get-together) in unison with the U.S. yells that elections in neighboring Belarus illegal, it requires a second election to become president of the Alexan-der Milinkevich. That’s when de in Belarus will finally democracy.

However, the choir sang really do not want to talk about what is so objectionable Alexander Lou Kashenko countries of the world "democracies». [Cut]

What is really going on in Belarus? Are Belarusians want another presi-dent and democracy, similar to what is in Lithuania?

"Hot comment" decided to break through this wall of silence and began a series of conversations "Belarus: Myths and Realities."

Our current companion — signatory of the Act of Independence of Lithuania Rolandas Paulauskas, who for the past few years increasing interest Belarus, Ukraine and Poland.

— So, what of yourself that other Belarus, which are silent about our politicians and the media? Is A. Lukashenka does not enjoy the support of the people and became president only Owing to the rigged elections?

— Have not been there or fraud, the question we do not answer today, but the results impressive Indeed, it is difficult to believe in them. However, to say more about Belarus itself, I want to recall one.

In the Belarusian turnout was 92% of voters, 83% voted for Lukashenko. All these data are outraged, they say, they are illogical, overly high, unthinkable.

But in the presidential elections in Georgia 98% of voters participated, of which 89% were in favor of Saakashvili. In these data, the European Union is not doubted. On the contrary, stated that the elections were very democratic, and the results reflect the will of the people.

So, if you compare Belarus and Georgia, the rates are lower in Belarus, but they are certainly no one believes.

— Why?

— Let the readers of "Hot Comments" may judge for yourself why the results seem Georgian Western democracies with a plus sign, and the Belarusian — with a minus.

But back to the elections in Belarus. I am not going to analyze whether these percentages given Lukashenko people.

However, the Lithuanian observers and participants in the discussions on the Internet, and articles in the European press recognize that Lukashenko has the support of at least 50% of the population.

Even the opposition who protest, claimed that Lukashenko for 47% of the electorate voted, and that he did not have the 3% that did not require a second round. So, even the opposition admits that Lukashenko is maintained at about 50% of Belarusians.

Now remember that in another neighboring country, Poland, one of the Kaczynski brothers, who became president, supported only by 30% of Poles. That he had to quit in the second round and winning the election.

So, in general, and in our democratic conditions 50 percent support looks Geneva-ably. Then, like it or not, we have the support of Alexander Lukashenko in Belarus.

— Do not questioning that Lukashenko supports about half of the population of the people, do not try to figure out why?

— That’s what I’m trying to find out in the last few years. To begin with, I became interested in it.

About three years ago I was driving through Belarus to Ukraine and, to his surprise, found that there perfectly rehabilitated roads, planted fields, etc.

That is, I found that to impose upon us by the media representations do not correspond to what I saw with my own eyes.

This interested me, and now I know why those at least 50% support the "father", as it is called Lukashenko in Belarus.

First of all, in the hands of the government of Belarus to retain the major industry — about 80% of industrial enterprises.

I think that if we had a referendum in Lithuania with the question of whether to privatize large factories and strategic targets, we would have the same result, a large part of the population spoke out against privatization.

We had seen what happened with the companies "Mazeikiu nafta", "Telekomas" and the like.

In Belarus, there was no such privatization. And this is one of the answers to why people saw what happened, elk with industry in Poland, Lithuania and Russia, supported Lukashenka.

Second, once in power, Lukashenko has inherited a bankrupt industry completely.

He had two options: either to follow the example of Poland, Lithuania and other countries, ie privatize everything at half price, after which most companies would cease to work for all eternity, or revive these enterprises.

A few years later, these enterprises gradually rose to their feet, and in the last few years has increased dramatically their turnover and exports.

— And that Belarus exports?

— They are exporting tractors, trucks MAZ, which are more and more in Lithuania, as they are cheap and good quality. In addition, it meets about 30-40% of the global demand for large trucks, working in the quarries.

In Belarus there are two factories for assembly of computers. There are produced computers themselves, and do not collect them from parts imported by Bill Gates.

They export potash, one of the most important components of the Belarusian exports.

In Belarus successfully operate refineries, they have more than one company, like our "Mazeikiu Nafta." They get the oil out of Russia. And by the way, get at world prices, they only get paid less for gas.

After refining Belarusian export it to the West.

Last year Belarus began production of liquid crystal displays, by the way, on its own technology.

There also produce tires and cords for them, which is used by many global companies for the production of tires.

But when listing their success, do not forget the main thing — the speakers. First, these plants breathed its last and produced low-quality products.

But every year the quality has improved in the modernization of refineries are increasingly investing, exports began to grow. A modernization of production means jobs and the need for specialists who have disappeared due to lack of work.

In addition, Belarus lot of attention is paid to the scientific potential, research institutes, and he even Lukashenko appoints scholarships. It goes without saying that the people can see it.

But that — only one segment. If we talk about the social sector, Lukashenko has retained former factories at children’s camps and resorts. And those businesses that have undergone privatization (and such — about 20%) were required to maintain the infrastructure.

Of course, the entrepreneur is not profitable, the expansion of production delays, but it is very beneficial to workers.

This helped to keep the entire social sphere, preserved motels in which a rest at half staff, there is a children’s camps, in which a child can spend a week free of charge.

That is when it is clear who is focused on the economy — a handful of the parasites or the bulk of the people.

Sure, people see it and vote for Lukashenko.

— How many unemployed people in Belarus?

— The unemployment rate there is almost no — only 1.5%. Of course, as soon as someone says that Lu-Kashenko saves businesses that operate at a loss.

But these companies work, people have a job, and the number of unprofitable factories gradually decreases. Every year there are changes for the better.

— And as in Belarus agriculture?

— They — not what we have in Poland, Ukraine and Russia — have survived all the large-scale farms, Lukashenko gave bankrupt collective farms. In agriculture, it has kept industrial production.

There planted in all the fields, wherever passed, you will not see an abandoned field. And they sow not, Prasna, sell all products. And could sell more.

In the Belarusian collective farms each has its own share, and now there is still the restructuring of collective farms.

According to the plan of reorganization of agriculture, Lukashenko is going to create 1,500 agro-towns to prevent people fled the country to the city, in the village they are planning to create the same conditions as in the city.

In other words, should be paved streets, equipped with lighting, run schools, community centers, kindergartens, etc.

And now if you will go to Belarus, it is already possible to see the results of these plans. At the site of the old farm built brand new. Purchased and imported from Holland latest equipment for milking.

Recently, Lukashenko issued a decree that all the agricultural society will have new equipment. This highlighted a huge amount. By the way, the Belarusian agricultural products tion yet harmless, because very rarely used chemicals.

So, too, sees a villager dynamics, sees the future, so why he would not go-losovat for Lukashenko?

As the newspaper "The Guardian", is it possible to imagine that the presidential election was defeated president under management as the situation changes? These are not my words. It is natural that the people voted for Lukashenko.

— What is the average salary in Belarus?

— They are now about 250 U.S. dollars. The average pension — about $ 106. But it should be noted: if we have the relationship between the poor and the rich — 1 to 10, and maybe more, they have it 1 to 5. So, they have far more people of moderate means.

It should also be recognized that there salaries grow two times faster than us. For example, over the past two years, salaries and pensions in Belarus increased by 6 times.

True, they had inflation, but it has decreased from 100% in 2000 to 8% in the past. This year, the inflation rate for several months and did not reach one percent.

It should also be assessed and the fact that local produce there is much less of import and utilities are much cheaper than ours.

Therefore, if you compare retirement, my mom now has less money than of the Belarusian retired. Do not forget that they have a positive trend in the two times faster than we do.

— What are the priorities in Belarus?

— All People’s Congress for the next five years has identified two main problems.

First — stop the decline of the population. That is, will encourage the birth rate: five children — you get free home for three children, the state covers 50% of the loan, etc.

Second — energy independence. Belarus understands that it is dependent on oil and gas from Russia, and that cheap gas it will get long.

By the way, is often said that without cheap gas to Belarus would be kaput. Those who think this way, I advise you to pay attention to another detail: Lithuania also receives gas at two times cheaper than European countries.

So why could not we just get on their feet as they are? In addition to us, just get cheap gas has three states — Latvia, Estonia and Finland.

— Let’s talk about crime?

— The crime rate there is much lower than in Lithuania.

— As far as I know, there are in prison, many former ministers, and we have — none.

— Yes, there are sitting and former ministers and former directors. Now another 45 customs officers to jail. But household crime are lower. In the cities of calm, clean, well maintained roads. And the people in Belarus, see the prospect.

— What is this election represented the opposition?

— How do the people of Belarus should, seeing who he is offered in the presidential election?

On the one hand — the authoritarian leader. Yes, he is authoritarian, can bang the table, all the strong holds in his hands, but … people see the result.

On the other side — some strange people, one of whom, Milinkevich — a protege of the West. The West does not even hide the fact that his finances. So what do the people with this choice?

— Is it true that you can not buy in Belarus opposition newspapers?

— It’s a myth. "BDG", "People’s Will" and other opposition newspapers have available for sale.

In addition, in Minsk, if you log into an Internet site, you can order a package of cable television vision. A cable TV in Minsk use about 90% of the population. So, they look exactly the same program as us.

And so when they say — "If they knew what was happening in the world, they would have voted quite differently," I say, "If they really knew what was going on in the world, Lukashenko, to be received not 83, but 100% of the vote. "

— Is it true Russia supports Belarus?

— This is another myth. Compare the offers Belarus ORT and Euronews: Euronews shows a much more objective. At least arrest Sheremeta, ORT journalist who constantly come to Belarus and happy there provocation.

But, if we talk about the influence of Russia, it is necessary to evaluate what it does not have a common foreign policy. In Russia there are people who really support Lukashenko, but not because he — "dad", and because they see the mess in their own country, support the alternative.

And those who built there this mess, and continued these outrages, it does not support.

So, the radio "Echo of Moscow" immediately after the presidential election in Belarus produced poll: Who would vote for the Russian, if a candidate stood for election Putin and Lukashenko?

And Lukashenko got almost as many — 82% of the vote.

Terrified reporters that the transfer was interrupted, the survey was carried out at night. But in the morning, when the head of the radio station rushed job, the transfer was repeated, and the result was similar: Luke Schenk, supported by more than 70% of callers!

So do you really think that this is like the ruling elite of Russia?

Do you think that the Russian oligarchs would not want to get their hands on the Belarusian MAZ plant. Do you think that would not want to clean up the potash? A "dad" stopping them.

Belarusian public is not so easy to fool, she has nothing to compare. They saw that for 10 years has become of the privatized factories in Russia, Lithuania, see that at this point they have more advantages.

And these advantages enough to vote for Lukashenko. And if things continue in the same way as now, the Belarusians choose its president for the next term.

— Could you provide data on foreign trade?

— Last year, they account deficit in trade with Russia amounted to approximately U.S. $ 4 billion, as in Russia they are buying oil and gas.

But the overall balance of foreign trade is close to zero since the trade surplus with the European Union, accounting for nearly $ 3.5 billion plus. Belarusian exports to the West every year is growing, and in Russia — is reduced.

In addition, the Belarusians protect their market, they focus on the consumption of goods of intrinsic production. This means that they do not allow the export revenue.

This path was South Korea, has taken that path in China, such a path was Malaysia. And those states that were chosen from the economic hole.

Today, the world-known products companies "Samsung" and "Honda". All of this — the consequences of a particular public policy. But if South Korea had the same pseudo-democracy like ours, no one probably would have had no idea about the existence of this country.

And if we talk about foreign investments, in Belarus last year they amounted to almost $ 9 billion. And that money from America, France, and Germany. So talk about the absence of foreign investment in Belarus — a bluff.

— Why, then, Lukashenko wicked West? At the press conference after the election of Lukashenko remarked that he "sold out to Washington, so it became a" dictator "." Maybe you know something about it. What did he mean?

— When Lukashenka was elected president for the first time, it came to George Soros and offered his services, visited by representatives of the World Bank with the offer of loans.

And even without asking, transferred the money — about 300 thousand dollars (not yet know what policies will hold Lukashenko). This loan and is now in Belarus, they can pick it up at any time.

Here is one very important point. I guess, Belarus — the only country in the world that does not have the internal debt.

And the results that it has achieved, have been obtained in the absence of energy, flat-burly of land, but the consequences of the Chernobyl accident, the elimination of which it annually allocates substantial funds from the budget.

Ukraine has long forgotten about it, Russia — also, and Belarus — no, she cares about his on-the-village. And all this was achieved without foreign borrowing.

But back to the elections in Belarus.

Speaking of which, it is necessary first of all to ask: why Belarus, we see huge problems with democracy, but do not see them in Iraq, where democratic elections have been recognized, although held under occupation, and no one knew where the polling stations, until they were discovered?

Why do we not see the problems with democracy in Afghanistan, where the election was also recognized as a demo kratichnymi, although there vote counted three months and think so far?

Why Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak is elected for a fifth term, but no one asks how is that possible?

A Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf? That’s where the true dictator, got the presidency in a military coup.

But somehow, in such cases, all right, because they are friends of Americans. And then a small a State with 10 million people each it became a thorn in the eye. Why?

The answer lies in geopolitics. American neo-conservatives in Europe are planning a geopolitical strategy, wanting to create a kind of buffer zones to isolate Russia from Western Europe.

And since through this buffer territory from sea to sea — through the Baltic states, Belarus, Ukraine — oil pipelines, gas pipelines, then, controlling the territory, the United States would control almost Europe.

That’s why the Americans came up with the idea and the buffer zone, it openly read on the Internet. They do not hide and even announce how much they spent on this or that revolution for the implementation of the plan.

So, we can and count: Americans in the hands of the Baltics, and now Ukraine, Belarus only prevents them create the intermediate zone is not amenable to American influence.

And just enough to try and break it to create a so-called cordon.

To understand another reason due to which Lukashenka is not pleasing to America, it is necessary to talk about sovereignty, because today there is practically no sovereign states.

In the Middle Ages, if you have not received the crown from the Pope, he could not be serious lord (at school I could not understand why Vytautas the Great, ruled half of Europe, the need was the king? ‘).

Today, without a crown from the U.S. can not be this State. Talking about it and just published by U.S. President George W. Bush’s decree "On Democracy in Belarus", as if it were an internal matter of the United States.

So do not wish to Belarus to take the crown from the United States, hence the conflict.

Agree that Lukashenko — a psychological phenomenon, as today the state can retain sovereignty, only possessing a nuclear bomb.

Finally, I want to say one interesting thing. Still at school, we know that in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania were the last pagans who opposed the expansion of Christianity.

Today, in my opinion, Belarusians — these are the last pagans, when they entered into a struggle is not against Christianity, but against the liberal totalitarianism, against the total of the umopomrache.

And the paradox is that Belarusians — the same descendants of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

So, after 500 years, the situation repeats itself. Just today, the heirs of the patriarchs ON living in Belarus, has resisted alone without Lithuanians. Perhaps there is more strong gene of our ancestors.

— Is that all? Is the whole of Europe there is nobody to oppose the U.S. geo-political intervention? Did no one else is able to give America respond? Is this not there is no alternative to Lukashenka?

— But we’ll talk about next time.

Interviewed by Giedre burning, 04.02.2008

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