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Recently, the media once again drawn attention to the topic of the mysterious "crop circles" — a two-part documentary on ORT, a number of publications in the "Arguments and Facts". In the last mentioned "version biophysics from Krasnoyarsk" — is remarkable, since the first time I set out their views on the site "Pravda.Ru". Later it localized and abroad — in the wording of Skeptik News, in academic circles, the United Kingdom, was even translated into Greek …

So I was upset that Russian readers still offer a version of extraterrestrial intelligence, while this is quite a mystery to another area. Today I would like to revisit the topic and share a little bit about what I used to think it necessary to keep silent.

In the famous book, "Crop Circles" English researcher Lucy Pringle, published in Russian in the past year, there is a small cupola with the title "Is the secret activities?". There, in part: "In July 1990, a Russian woman named Lydia from the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk found in the grass on a glade of birch groves something similar to the oval." Next L.Pringl criticizes the view of Siberians that it is all a result of secret experiments, but stressed: "Krasnoyarsk and its surrounding area were closed to foreigners until 1991." (L.Pringle, Crop Circles. The Greatest Mystery of Modern Times, Thorsons, 1999. Russian translation: Lucy Pringle, Crop Circles. The greatest mystery of our time ID "Helios", Moscow, 2002, p. 50.)

It was in the late '80s, I had the opportunity to work with a cooperative of Krasnoyarsk. It was called "Information Processes and Techniques" and was engaged in original business — chairmen of collective farms offered to shine the laser on the wheat field, and the references were made to foreign publications, where he claimed — a laser light increases the yield. Ironically, this "core business" cooperators bring considerable revenue. (I then published in Krasnoyarsk philosophical journal "World" and received from fellow biophysicists sponsorship.)

I think no need to explain — laser light fields, and both at home and abroad has been a distraction legend, in fact, the organizations practiced a kind of secret technology. About her now and we'll talk.

Since ancient times, mysterious crop circles appear, remember — a fairy tale about Little Humpbacked Horse, "Someone has to go into the field and move the wheat?" This phenomenon — a consequence of insufficiently known natural process associated with atmospheric electricity. There are in electrical engineering term "glow discharge", here is something like this: silent lightning breakdown capacitor where one plate is flat field crowded with thin spikes (on the ends of which are accumulated static charges). Now consider the mechanism of the phenomenon.

"The mechanism of the phenomenon" — a boring word, but because with this, and we should start if the ears lie on the ground SOMETHING compels them to do so! After all, they themselves are not bent "by magic, in my desire." In other words, before the dream on who and why, let's try to answer the question — how?

Spikes lie on the circle in the form of a spiral vortex, it becomes clear that there was a certain air vortex flow. It is clear that the air "have twisted" and headed up. Up air rises when it is heated, then at a certain site of fever, heated air rose and cold sides rushed to his place and spun in a vortex. And the ears? If the soil is rapidly heated, heated and at the root of the stems (at 100 degrees Celsius water into the vial-veined, in general, boils, punching pinholes — their communities, researchers have found.) In the softened ground ears lose their elasticity and bend easily. But neighbors — regardless of the heating zone — then easily straightened by passing through the vortex itself. We must know what else to add? I think everything is clear.

In the natural process appear harmless but mysterious circles. However, once the mechanism of the phenomenon has been investigated, someone had the idea to use it for any purpose. It is clear that modern technology makes it easy to replicate the natural artistry. This was done: from the beginning of the 80s began to appear formations other than the presence of a simple circle patterns, geometric shapes, for which obviously could guess reasonable will.

How to heat the soil remotely? Not hard to say — we all know the microwave, UHF devices, etc. And in the press have been reports on the establishment of microwave emitters to break up demonstrations — the rebels begin to heat the skin. Thus, the only technical problem is to create a sufficiently thin and long-range beam of microwave radiation that particular difficulty for engineers is not.

Technology, of course, the "advanced": it is necessary from a satellite or from a helicopter draw microwave beams. This is not as fanciful as it seems on the TV screen for a microsecond electron beam draws the shapes and pozateylivey. And round the oscilloscope is often drawn to some figures almost identical images in the fields. In general, and the helicopter is not required — if by the rules of projective geometry transform the pattern in the right perspective, you can draw a small elevation — a figure might look like if it had projected from above.

Speaking of projective geometry. Flashlight beam illuminates a circle on the wall as the light diverges in a cone, and aimed at the ground, he gives a different — oval — imprint. But, of course, the Siberian craftsmen who with human height drew their microwave flashlights small ovals in forest clearings, have nothing to do with those "advanced" professionals, who with the help of computerized emitters create a mysterious patterns in the fields of Great Britain, the U.S. and its satellites. This summer, there was a message from Poland — where circles, suddenly appeared on the experimental field of Agricultural Academy, were seen from the roof of a nearby building — probably from there and they drew earlier with the microwave emitter rays. That's the "Dolby technology" is available on the Western "dream factory."

After I published his version in network publishing, "Aliens rest! Crop circles draw multinational corporations." to "Pravda.ru," (as well as in "The Mystery of the sacred crescent" — on the sites' ISLAM.Ru "Novoross, NEWCA, etc.), it's a lot of letters. For example, recently I was informed by e-mail in a serious scientific journal was published, where it was proved that the crop circles appear under the influence of microwave radiation of ball lightning. It's close to the truth, though fireballs usually fly, but do not hang on the spot. But it is encouraging that common sense prevails and replaced by fantasies come to scientific hypotheses. On the other hand, fans of the paranormal, this approach does not like it, and I asked, "Why would some mysterious multinational corporations to puzzle the whole of humanity?"

This question asks Russian "anomalschik" V.Chernobrov, when at the request of the correspondent of "Arguments and Facts" is taken to refute my arguments ("AIF" N48, "Anomalschina. Crop Circles-2"). A legitimate question, and the answer is not simple — the Western oligarchs plans do not report.

At first I thought it was a venture of wealthy Satanists — they want the public to impose some sort of pseudo-religion, "tablets" is drawn, it remains to advertise the prophet, like Harry Potter … However, the events of recent years allow us to propose a more pragmatic version. The press has already reported (for example, the newspaper "Top Secret" N12, 2002), that in August 2001 in a wheat field next to the observatory in Chilboltone (UK, Hampshire) has an image of a human face, and a little further — a certain message with images of planets system and the strange humanoid creatures. Then — exactly one year later — in August 2002 in the same Hampshire, but in another field, showed a new portrait of this time: the face of a typical newcomer — as in books about UFOs. Next to the portrait on the hundred-meter lap ears of wheat went way that formed a spiral path, where pristine areas of the field interspersed with recesses. It was a standard computer code, decode it, and get some obscure message: "There will be a lot of pain, but there's still time …"

My friends — the advertisers and the "public relations" — laughed a lot: as the picture looked like a picture from a magazine ad. Only instead of Centerfolds — freak of nature, and instead of the advertised product — "a mysterious disc." From such "messidzha" a mile away is the human dodgy, not the alien Overmind. I note that here we are faced with a frank and purposeful deception. While hand-drawn illustrations on the theme "Elements of algebraic geometry" (best area of modern science, described in the book of French mathematician Alexander Grothendieck) could even think about the good purpose — such as non-standard advertising a new scientific field. But now something has gone obvious hoax, from which people move out brains on one side.

One of my reporter from Los Angeles swear, saying, I am — a layman, and they are now in their temples meditate on the icons and get connected with the cosmic forces! I believe that the devil can cause more traditional way, especially since the "crop circles" are related to another fiend — the golden calf.

Imagine that one day some reputable corporation will show us a show on the theme of aliens. Declare that they have a connection with them, and re-emerging crop pictures confirm this. In such a corporation as soon as the stock price rises, and the panic that will cover the exchange with "reliable data about the alien mind," will make the profit that will pay for all long-term costs. Such scams are constantly scrolled: not so long ago, for example, an advertising campaign was launched on cloning.

Note on the stage acting a mysterious sect, which has its business in this area. Or, for example, the sensation of a meteorite, "flew in from Mars" — in it, he says, there were traces of microorganisms. You would think that meteorites as wrappers fly from planet to planet, and even with the return address on the envelope! However, someone got grants for continued research. So a lot of money being made on deception, so it is not inconceivable that the scam of crop circles — is part of a long-term plan for purposeful hoax.

One might ask: Are all the people on earth are so naive that readily believe in the myth of aliens, guns on our planet? First, do not want to believe everything and for a long time — for the oscillations of the exchange rate is only two or three days, "world sensation". Shares of all high-tech campaigns fall — if there is a more advanced space civilization, why bother? Second, the show can be organized very impressive. Fly any more and disc-sets — the "flying saucer". Many experts know that the disc-shaped aerial devices exist and are used for intelligence activities — they fly without any anti-gravity, using the lift force due to high-frequency vibration, creating a toroidal vortices. In short, the tale of an alien may be "Provisional Government" gullible public, as they say, in full.

Finally, I suspect that there are more global in intent: to create a long-term effect of the presence of aliens, and on their behalf to impose its will on humanity. The fact that many of the drawings in the margins look like illustrations for a new, very promising area of modern science. I have already talked about algebraic geometry, there are non-commutative geometry, the theory of fractals, quaternion version of the non-classical physics — and all are based on the construction of cycloidal curves, similar to the different-sized circles notched-hole golf course. In other words, if you want you can give the impression that alien intelligence tells us the best scientific theory. Then not only the public, but also scientific experts believe in the myth of aliens.

If left at the corporate-mystifies a couple of secret inventions (such as the diabetes drug, whose existence was long rumored), the "good news" from the senior fellow human beings acquire material form for many millions of people around the planet .. .

Here's a story comes to mind when you begin to comprehend the problems of "crop circles" really quietly and without fiction fantasies about alien aliens. I sometimes wonder our "anomalschikam" and fans of paranormal mystery — they believe in anything, but not in God, and objective idealism in philosophy and theological arguments of the Holy Trinity — for them, ostensibly, primeval backwardness … I hope the near future will show — on which side the truth.

Of course, even for readers skeptical until my version looks unusual. We've learned that "business sharks" doing something concrete: unleash war for natural resources, the environment spoil toxic waste, "dipped" exchange rates and falsified accounting records. They know how to wash the blood money, to poison us drugs, pornography seduce, stupefy advertising. Are able to buy up not only of politicians and journalists, but also of scientific experts. But with "circles" — very very Hollywood story turns out, is something too fantastic … However, I think that the mysterious patterns in the fields of subtle evil will "financial gods" is seen clearly. However, nothing surprising. Get out of our "new Russian" does not know where to put the money — buy their elephants, put in toilets golden bowls. And Western billionaires own "show-off", imagine how nice to feel like the most cunning, hanging "deceive" the world community!


Paul Poluian, Krasnoyarsk.
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