Who creeps into the reactor

  • General Director of "Diakont" Michael Fedosovskaya.
  • General Director of "Diakont" Michael Fedosovskaya.

The company "Diakont" is not quite a typical example of an innovative company, secured a niche in the domestic and global markets and high-tech multi-billion dollar segment of the storming of industrial equipment. One of the creators of "Diakont" Michael Fedosovskaya,
learning in physics and mathematics boarding school at the University of Kiev, was very fond of collecting iron, screw on the details and look at the results made. Then he graduated from the Leningrad Technological Institute, "research engineer".

A young scientist arrives at the famous "Svetlana" and makes a production career, but soon he had the opportunity to go back to the science. Fedosovskaya arranged in the Central Research Institute "Electron", one of the leading institutes of the electronics industry, which is engaged in the design and development of various photoelectric converters — devices that convert optical signals into electronic ones. It is today the optical-digital cameras are in every mobile phone, but even in the 1980s, these devices were only for military and space agencies, each of the devices was unique in its way, and contrary to popular belief the Soviet Union for many high-quality entries in this field faster than similar Western electronic technology.

So, thanks to development of "electronic" in 1959, were first obtained by the image side of the moon, and later by a unique CCD-camera set up in the institute received the world’s first color images from space of Halley’s Comet.

The last event happened already during Fedosovskaya an "e." The institute, he is engaged in opto-electronic devices based on planar structures on silicon chip, including those that are intended for the Soviet system to counter the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI — American software deployment tools for fighting in space). Here he also manages to make a good career: the young designer is first deputy chief designer, and then the chief designer of one of the directions of the Institute, and the approval of the post happening then at the very top — it initialed Commission on Military-Industrial Affairs of the Central Committee of the CPSU and the Council Ministers.

  • Precision electro-mechanical actuator for controlling the steam turbine plant.  "Diakont" plans to produce thousands of units of such vehicles
  • Precision electro-mechanical actuator for controlling the steam turbine plant. "Diakont" plans to produce thousands of units of such vehicles

The level of space technology

In the second half of 1980 known events begin to happen, and that put the country’s economy, and science, sharpened by the MIC, in difficult conditions. It becomes clear that the Soviet response to the U.S. SDI without huge financial investments untenable. Depression, confusion and discord reigned in the minds of the leaders of the late 1980s, at all levels, says Fedosovskaya: he himself becomes clear that the occupation by military technology has prospects in these conditions, at least in the near future, and the need to seek employment in any something the civil direction. But just work in the military field determines the direction of work "Diakont" for peaceful use.

This man as a leader survived the tragedy that happened on the pre-commissioning at the Balakovo NPP (where in 1985 the first block of people died), he, according to Fedosovskaya was a professional with a special relation to the safety of nuclear power plants, sharpened and more recent time of the Chernobyl disaster. It should be borne in mind that the Ukrainian nuclear power plant at that time was the newest in the past in the history of the Soviet Union, led by specialists they are not alien to innovation. Poor for the first time in the early post-Soviet history of the nuclear power industry has organized a kind of tender technical proposals for the supply of the control system of the state of the reactor vessel, collecting seven proposals from different organizations: the Russian, Ukrainian and one Croat. As for the quality of the proposed technical solutions winner was chosen "Diakont" paltry by Soviet standards, a company whose staff was less then thirty people. But, accepting the idea as a whole, the chief engineer ZaAES started with, harshly criticized the majority of parts and components and the very concept of building diakontovskoy system, adapting its structure optimization of a number of key proposals and eventually becoming, in fact, her co-author. The contribution of this technocrat, who managed to instill the basis of a new philosophy of security, was considered so important to the development of "Diakont" that after his death Fedosovskaya seeking permission and funds the production and placement of the bronze bas-relief at the Zaporozhye plant.

As a result, by 1994, jointly created so successful construction of the system of television overload control of nuclear fuel for nuclear power plants, that it becomes a standard for the VVER-1000, and the presence of industrial television — a condition of the license to operate unit. Over time, it introduced not only to the six power ZaAES, but also on the 24 objects in this reactor in the Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria and China. As a result of this work, as recognized by the head of "Diakont" has been substantially extended the subject matter of the interests of the company: "We are no longer afraid of the station values and mechanisms of certain types of hardware diagnostics, mainly visual, moved to close the manipulators." For example, in 1995 — again, for the first ZaAES — created a new technology of television measuring control of the reactor vessel was allowed to identify defects in the body, can not be detected by other methods. This was achieved by introducing into the reactor chamber space on the manipulator, who rented a reactor vessel, passing along its surface in a spiral, transferring the image to the operator.

Interestingly, the activity of the "Diakont", despite the growing interest in systems of nuclear scientists have long remained unprofitable, and often 80% of its budget comes from commercial money being made in the company’s turnover came from other businesses: Fedosovskaya all the while trading in sugar, furniture , cars, not involving, any of the development team. Ambitions were serious: in the long term Fedosovskaya put it on the development of high-tech businesses. To do this it was necessary to acquire the stock of machines, to acquire its own production of virtually full cycle, because the nearest reliable suppliers, according to the director, "Diakont", "were out of Vyborg, Russian producers could not provide the quality or timing — and all this with a completely incredible pricing. " High-tech is not profitable until the crisis of 1998.

  • For in-line inspection robot is able to move vertically and
  • For in-line inspection robot is able to move vertically and

How to win the attention of giants

In 1997, "Diakont" acquired its first foreign contract. It happened this way. Michael Fedosovskaya on one of St. Petersburg’s conference meets with the Swede Peter Schaub, great-grandson of the famous Russian architect Wilhelm Schaub,
project is at the end of XIX — early XX century was built over a hundred buildings in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Fedosovskaya himself was interested Petersburg culture, well versed in the city’s architecture and creativity knew Schaub than touched by his great-grandson. Perhaps this meeting and would remain memorable only because of the subsequent friendship of men, if not for one circumstance: Peter Schaub was one of the leaders of ABB TRC — division ABB, which was engaged in non-destructive testing of nuclear reactors, made by the Swedish design. Seeing the well-established company Fedosovskaya and samples created by technology, Schaub initiates signing of a contract with ABB TRC "Diakont" for the development and manufacture of robotic system with gyroscopic bound to control reactor channels, combining multiple control systems — ultrasonic and television — with a computer control system. For "Diakont" This contract, signed in Swedish krona, meant a great success — it was a long-term project is technically interesting, well-funded. Began the most dynamic period of development, accelerated the crisis of August 1998. "There was a time that the rubles, which we received on foreign exchange contracts were multiplied several times daily — says Fedosovskaya — we have significantly increased the wages and still get a very good profit, and only then" Diakont "came to self-sufficiency, and I stopped engage in pure commerce. " Since 2001, the company began to supply equipment Western European partners, notably in France. In 2002, the first trial shipments of television cameras in the United States. Our nuclear power plants and nuclear power plants, built by Russian design abroad, the technique of "Diakont" also goes with enviable regularity.

  • STS-PM-100 - a special TV system for congestion control of nuclear fuel.  The system is designed for operation in the machine overload VVER
  • STS-PM-100 — a special TV system for congestion control of nuclear fuel. The system is designed for operation in the machine overload VVER

For a while, the command "Diakont" seemed to enter the western market you need to have a special solution, and the company is constantly engaged in the creation, in fact, unique things. The French partners of the company’s robotic ECA Hytec, recognized Fedosovskaya, said, "Your solutions are great, but not claimed, the success you have to take part of this product, from each other, and the most simple — the third, connecting it all, you get a lot more simple device, and under the best options in the market. " In the industrial technology innovation can not work in IT or telecom, it must pass the stages and phases of gradual implementation, testing and promotion, and to haytechnomu maximalism brought up back in the Soviet razrabotcheskoy environment, consumers are wary of commercial technologies. As a result of rethinking its approach to creating art "Diakont" gradually comes to production batch of the product, the same radiation-resistant cells. Soon, a U.S. partner — Remote Ocean Systems (ROS), which is representative of the Russian company in the United States on a special television systems and carries out their service. Soon the camera "Diakont" become regular means of control General Electric. The company — a leader in the U.S. market services for the control of the main plant equipment shall decide all new radiation-resistant camera (which is 50 to 70 cameras per year) to buy from "Diakont." "We — says Fedosovskaya — by the time there was a good serial product. In addition, because of the design of U.S. reactors during their campaigns for the refueling amount of television they control much more than we do, and only requires a high degree of security cameras, and our system is four times more resistant to radiation damage than commonly used in nuclear power plants and in industrial television. That is, we were lucky — the market has worked on our development. In addition, a major competitor to the Anglo-American IST-Rees, having referred disparagingly to the potential of such a small company as a "Diakont" (even though it was going to carry on with the Russian case, and even the planned purchase of the business), has lost vigilance and reduced quality of service. We have got a proven technique for peak customer dissatisfaction and a competitor could enter the market through another of his rival. "

Soon, GE has joined other major consumer — operator services for the control of NPP equipment company Westinghouse. Managers’ Diakont, "meaning that they are able to work in the U.S. market is more active in the summer of 2011 opened in San Diego proper representation Diakont Advanced Technologies. After that to the number of Russian clients added the U.S. subsidiary of French company AREVA, and now the products of "Diakont" is generally about 60% of all shipments to the U.S. market of new radiation-resistant cells.

  • STS-K-78P - a unique, radiation-resistant television system that provides scanning the surface to a high speed measurement and identified deviations from the metrological-certified accuracy.
  • STS-K-78P — a unique, radiation-resistant television system that provides scanning the surface to a high speed measurement and identified deviations from the metrological-certified accuracy.

By the billions of dollars

Recently "Diakont" entered into a strategic partnership with the U.S. company in the field of Structural Integrity-tube control of U.S. pipelines and pipelines of nuclear power plants. The fact is that in 2005 the company has arranged the production of diagnostic and repair robots, including the natural gas industry, having established specifically for this purpose subsidiary, "Design and Engineering Design Institute" Gazproekt. ‘" Creating the very first robot for pipeline pigging industry becomes a sensation. Robot "moonwalker", moving within industrial pipelines with complex geometry allows to obtain reliable information on the status of the underground part of the compressor station, the physical location of welded joints and valves, as well as to detect defects in the pipe body and welded joints and the presence of foreign objects and debris. Continue to be developed, and robots for nuclear power plants, welding robot created for Bilibino, at the Leningrad nuclear power plant tested a unique robotic system, which allows not only to diagnose but also to carry out remedial repairs, particularly telescopic connection paths RBMK fuel channels, which are the weak point of the reactor. Vladimir Asmolov, First Deputy General Director of "Rosenergoatom", after the examinations on the first block of SELA noted that the reproduction of this robotic system for all 11 units of RBMK will be a real breakthrough for the group and will save billions of rubles. Now a similar complex begins to unfold at the Smolensk nuclear power plant that hosts four RBMK unit.

  • TDK-TSC - a specialized robotic system for remote measurement of telescopic joints tracts (TST) RBMK reactors.
  • TDK-TSC — a specialized robotic system for remote measurement of telescopic joints tracts (TST) RBMK reactors.

However, gas and nuclear industries have little Fe
dosovskaya Michael, his dreams and plans — the development of a mass general industrial markets. According to him, the idea is as follows. In "Diakont" learned, throwing it all the force to make unique systems that are in demand all over the world, but they are available in dozens, maybe hundreds of units. However, it is clear that in such a "low-circulation" business risks are high. Therefore, "Diakont" feel the need to diversify and move to production of the product as the previous design, high-tech, high-technology, integrated (ie, includes, software, and electronics and electrical engineering, precision mechanics), but release hundreds of thousands of pieces year. It is about creating special technical equipment that will replace outdated hydraulic systems, which are in every car, airplane, turbine, and a new generation of precision Electromechanics, significantly surpassing today’s existing world counterparts. Its distinguishing feature — a combination of high force that (from 100 kg to 30 tonnes) with high accuracy (up to 0,005 mm) and the speed at small dimensions of the drive. In the development of electromechanical actuators "Diakont" among the five world leaders. The volume of the market of such products has reached billions of dollars.

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