Who do you know shown to have spent millions: Russian fighter made stronger U.S. — video

At MAKS-2011 in Zhukovsky for the arrival of Prime Minister Vladimir you know who carried out the first demonstration of the latest fifth-generation fighter PAK FA T-50. The head of the government has been able to look at the neighborhood and to make sure that hundreds of millions of rubles were wasted. The developers boast features T-50, on which he is superior American counterpart.

The day before at about 16:00 MSK two fighters in the protective coloring appeared in the sky in front of the audience MAKS-2011. Aircraft pilots managed to Roman Kondratiev and Sergey Bogdan. At a small distance from each other, they flew parallel to the podium by the audience, among whom was the Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir you know who, and then split up, writes "Gazeta.ru".

Each of the newest fighters demonstrated aerobatics. Soon the audience was only one T-50, which was at the controls of Bogdan. Apparently, this was the first prototype fifth-generation fighter, which held its debut flight in January 2010. Another ten minutes the pilot demonstrated the possibility of T-50, then landed safely.

According to the official press release, the T-50 will combine the functions of a strike aircraft and fighter. The aircraft is equipped with a fundamentally new avionics integrating the function of "electronic pilot" and promising radar with a phased antenna array. This will greatly reduce the workload on the pilot and will allow him to concentrate on combat missions, writes "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".

On-board equipment allows the exchange of data in real time as a ground control centers, and within the aviation group in the air. The use of composite materials and innovative technology, aerodynamic design aircraft, measures to reduce the visibility of the engine provides unprecedented low level of radar, optical and infrared visibility. This can significantly increase the combat effectiveness of the work of both aerial and ground targets at any time of the day.

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However, the developers do not hurry to reveal all the secrets. "As long as the plane is being finalized, will be the most complete information earlier in a year and a half," — said "Gazeta.ru" a representative of one of the companies that developed the new fighter.

According to him, the Russian fighter to be compared primarily with the American F-22. "While it can be said that a number of characteristics of the T-50 is superior foreign counterparts, particularly in terms of maneuverability. Artificial intelligence system also greatly surprise opponents, "- said the source. To answer the question, what are the disadvantages noticeable in Russian fighter, he did not.

Currently the only fifth-generation fighter is the U.S. F-22 Raptor, the test which took place in 1997 and which was adopted in 2005. Its design technology was used "stealth", his standard weapons was taken in the inner compartments.

Russian T-50, in contrast to the American F-22 will be 85% covered with unique nanotechnological materials that reduce the appearance of a fighter and reduce air resistance. Rockets for it surpasses analogues, were armed with the American counterpart. In addition, the T-50 is capable of firing rockets hidden in the inner compartments at supersonic speed. Americans can not — their fifth generation fighters are forced to reduce the speed to the sound.

Meanwhile, as the Russian novelty compared to the F-22, in the United States are preparing a new fifth-generation fighter F-35. He is currently being tested and is expected to be adopted in 2016.

 Photo source:imageshack.us

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