Why ‘kin will not be. By scandal around telling lies about the War

August 15, 2013 Andrey Sorokin

And again … disturbing news coming from the front, struggles for freedom of minorities. Self-selected progressive community is concerned that the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation on the tyranny of "banned" shooting a feature film by Alexander Mindadze "Dear Hans, dear Peter."

The public is rightly concerned.

Because the real problem is it is not in fact what the tears are pouring public.

This problem is called —sensible public policy in the field of culture.What warning comrade.Putin. What is written in the official letters of the Ministry of Culture government program. And that freedom-loving public wading somehow felt empty populism. And for good reason.

Let’s look at this story not from the point of view of speculative "free", but as it really is.


What really happened?

Directed Mindadze want to law to get a little bit of public money (ie, through a tax deduction of our revenue with you — salary or business) to create a cinematographic art, a story about friendship between German and Soviet engineers in the romantic love triangle against the background of anxiety in 1940.

The Ministry of Culturelawful order of awith you our money is not given — up to three instances of the application. Expert advice feature films spoke "for" and the military-historical and socio-psychological advice — "against."

Please note: The Ministry of Culture, through its legitimate authorities are not "banned" film, but declined to give his capture people’s money. That is, from the point of view of law and traditionally interpreted civil liberties and business — everything is logical, even quarreling about.

So why is the scandal?

ColumnistState news agency RIA "Novosti" Yuri Bogomolovlaments the fact that "censorship by those or other ways of seeping into the sphere of artistic practice."

"Gazeta.ru," explains, that violated the "right to admission to realize their creative vision."

Distraught victim director Mindadzeon the air of "Echo of Moscow", "I can not yet comment on the situation deliberately. Because, apparently, there is confusion. "

That is: before all was well, and all of a sudden — it’s Stalinist tyranny.

Oh, and the perpetrator is ready: of course, it Strangler creative liberties Vladimir Medina, who once became a minister, immediately began to choke and — witnessstory with a demonstration on the NTV film "I Serve the Soviet Union". However, with this particular decision by the Minister does not have a formal relationship, but clearly the same as that still Strangler.

But let us return to the perturbation of minorities.

It would be logical to cling to the love of money is trivial. The fact that the film Mindadze — is Russian-German co-production. And the Germans to give him his money shot. But not one hundred percent, but only on equal footing with the Russian state. And, because the Russian state does not give money, the Germans supposedly can also come off. There is — the financial loss of the creative team.

Maybe a household motif is present in the perturbation.

But at least — this is hardly the only motive and decisive.

Well, at least, because Alexander himself Mindadze — no self-seeker, and a great artist, he and Medina without success full box.

On the whole, the public outcry would find at whose expense to profit — minkultovskie crumbs here are not critical.

What matters is, you’d be surprised ideology. And to be honest — an ideological war, where the question is simple: our survival.

What is this movie?

Let us turn to the story, which examined the profile ministry’s advice.

… In 1940, on some Soviet factory (judging by everything — the defense, but we then "non-defense", in fact, was not) start the process of the production of optical glass. Glass is brewed in the USSR seconded from Nazi Germany Germans. And there is nothing they can not. The accident at the plant during the next attempt to cook, finally, it is the optical glass further inflate the nerves in the group of technical experts. Also, one of the engineers — a woman, and one of the Germans her lusts, and she longs for someone. And there is also a Russian hero intervenes. Then, of course, the evilStalinand Hitler was forced to make enemies of endearing characters in spite of the Rights of Man and of artistic truth, from which all suffer …

And so. Regardless of the display of highly productive and romantic twists and turns, all of this from a historical point of view — disinformation and lies.

The situation described in the scenario is physically impossible.

Because no military-industrial cooperation between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany in the real 1940 did not exist. If anyone is interested in the well-known facts, Weimar (donatsistskaya!) Germany according to the Treaty of Rapallo in the 20s really made a significant contribution to the establishment of the Soviet defense industry and Soviet military science, but with the coming to power of the Nazis that is extremely useful for us the process was ruthlessly rolled with tacitly — because reinforce the obvious military enemy either in Moscow or Berlin for some reason did not want to.

This lapidary scientific fact, which makes the rest of the drama of the work in question, at best, a meaningless fantasy.

And this lapidary scientific factcommunicates to the public a member of Military History Expert Council under the Ministry of Culture Mikhail Mjagkov"… The authors of the film by mistake, or perhaps unknowingly moved the realities of the Weimar Republic in a particular historical period … Imagine that puts Tarkovsky" Andrei Rublev "during the Civil War …"

In fact, conceived the film — is a subject of art house to the production, which, of course, will find its audience. Question: what does the Russian state?

This is a film about the Germans. The Soviet people, of course, appear in it, but occasionally — and look, by the way, where open-minded and energetic paler Aryans of the Third Reich. But, most importantly, no relation to the history of our country’s close relationship within the German group do not have. Freudian experience of the protagonist — a private matter, probably an interesting German audience. A movie about the Germans is not necessarily shoot it in Germany. It can be removed and in Russia, and Australia, and Argentina. But it is unclear why do it for the money Russian taxpayers.

The Germans, funding the project, are interested in having their ancestors did not look outcasts Behold then, before the war, we were engaged with the Russian one thing (for example, a particular melting glass and are intended to be joint planning zhivoderskoy most of the war in world history) and were generally identical. Such normal. Not necessarily broadcast to declare the identity of Hitler and Stalin, it is possible to show how the Russian and Germans together fighting over the damn optical glass. As a manufacturing drama brighten Freudian complexes. How ordinary people going about their important business, live production and personal problems. This film could be removed and, in 1973, and in 1983, without any hefty not literate geopolitical allusions. Yes, it’s the same train: "Moscow does not believe in tears." On
ly (and why) is better.

This is a first approximation.

And then you can dig a little more time and a new approach to note that the pre-war life is not touched by the Nazi Germans corrosion becomes a trend in the German cinema.Scandalous "Our mothers, our fathers’, where the development of such "innocent" idea of the pre-war — in fact, through the Nazi — Germany, has caused tamoshnem in today’s society, a lot of emotions. Exemption from feelings of historical guilt — how it is great! And her shifting to someone else — so all the buzz! That is why the logical in "our mothers" looks short and false from an episode in which Russian soldiers shot and wounded German soldiers then raped nurses.

…It concerns "against" fair.

But it is not exhaustive.

What is it really?

And here’s the thing, as head of the Ministry of Culture concludes on Vyacheslav Tel’nov Cinematography: "Guided by the general opinion, we have decided that the 70th anniversary of the victory over Germany should not leave a film that does not correspond to our ideas about the war."

Namely, all the factual misinformation and lies, which is based on the plot of the film project under discussion, was once invented specially trained citizens and put into public circulation to justify another lie — the "equal responsibility of the totalitarian regimes of Stalin’s Soviet Union and Hitler’s Germany in the outbreak of the Second World the war. "

Applied political motivation that lies to the beneficiaries and enthusiasts of the current world order is clear: historically documented Russian Victory ’45 does not fit into the concept of saving and profitable future of the global "perestroika." It’s not even Russophobian deceit, "nothing personal — just business." This motivation is itself hostile to the Russian state. Is hostile to such an extent that it should, in the mind, be the concern of the Ministry of Culture and is not even the Foreign Ministry, and the Ministry of Defence and Supreme Commander of the person to the heap: it stubbornly as the enemy does not surrender, it is clear to him that should be done.

But it’s not in the world order — hell to him.

The appeal minkultovskogo official Telnova to "our ideas about war" is more important more. Namely: the significance of the history of our victory for Russian society itself.

And not only and not so much for veterans, which hid behind Tel’nov politically correct: it is, they say, "is not the view that veterans are waiting." You have to understand one simple thing: great generation Winners inexorably away from us. Another couple of anniversaries — and witnesses, not even participants in the war, can be counted on one hand. But, leaving these people leave us a legacy of Victory Day — which is actuallyhas become a holiday without a gray hair on his temples.

The magnificent history of Victory — the only unconditional and non-negotiable moral brace, which today makes us trulypeople. And in this sense, and in the space of world history.

Lying about a generation of winners — even if not malicious, but in the everyday for intellectuals ignorance — is, by definition of sabotage against the Russian state and society. Because no self-perception of the creator is not intended to demographic, but wiping out Russian spiritual civilization. And our civilization — it’s not just the guarantor of Russia’s sovereignty, but also the guarantor of fairness and reasonableness of the world order as a whole, and it is proved by historical practice. Here in May ’45 and has been proven.

And that’s just the preservation of Russian civilization as a spiritual entity, and there is a limit of the mission of the state cultural policy.

Therefore, the most convincing argument against the "sweet and dear" — entirely in Russian zhelezobetonno irrational — led gently, "I would be ashamed if my kids to see this movie."

So today the minister is going to Medina, as officially announced, director Mindadze personally explain the position of his institution. After Medina — not as an individual and a scholar and historian, as well as an officer — is the very state that is officially recognized Solzhenitsyn "the conscience of the nation", generously funded by the "Burnt by the Sun" and mutters something about "de-Stalinization" — and, therefore, is responsible for the perverse humanitarian environment in which the artist Mindadze arise neumopostizhimye creative imagination. And the artist — the same, in fact, a citizen like the rest of the millions and millions of Russian.

And by the way, we note in brackets if the German kinoinvestory view of the decision of the Russian Ministry of Culture will change their minds like to sponsor an art project — it is alsoGerman people will benefit ogromennye. However, in passing, to cause good brothers on reason — too humdrum Russian mission.


As of today we have a system the fact that the Russian government, through its Ministry of Culture has shown a willingness and ability to at least some part of their powers and even on what parts of the front to fight for truth and justice. That fight — it is necessary to understand what actually is going on in our society. And this fact is to be welcomed.

You can also restrained in the light of hope that the concept of "commissioned by the Ministry of Culture" eventually will return to our lives as a credible certificate of quality of a work of art. And accordingly, abstract "not recommended …" (by the way, it would be to legalize something like that) — as an alarm.

But at the same time we must understand that the Ministry of Culture is a collective superhero epic single parent. Just as last year despite the public position the Minister of Culture disgusting kinopodelka "I Serve the Soviet Union"-was still shown on television on June 22, and now the film project "Dear Hans, dear Peter" has the potential to be realized: the German sponsors not gone anywhere for the time being, and the board of trustees of the "independent" Cinema Fund intends to consider the application (and there are legally entitled to pour so much money that no Ministry of Culture with its crumbs is not needed).

And that’s when the fate of the film — if it did withdraw in spite of everything — and its impact on our children will depend on any not from Medina, and from the notorious "civil society." From us to you, if on good terms. That’s when — all in our power to ensure that this diversion ringing crash, as was the case with the "Anticipation" — "Citadel", "… One sissy", "Spy."

And the only way — every day.

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