Why Planes do not fall

When are we going to leave, we hardly think about that, what it consists of one unit, which takes us through the air to the warm sea, an ice-cold mojito and drunken fellow-travelers. In fact, what’s going on under the skin of the aircraft is not less interesting than the upcoming fun, laid under the labor code of every citizen of the Russian Federation. In particular, it becomes interesting when the plane starts to shake in a turbulent flow, and the board-conductors calmly smiling suggest you relax, suck caramel "take-off", to pray, and not to think about the bad.

What instruments are responsible for our safety in flight, helping pilots to calculate the route and control the processes in the body air car? Well, the plane, just like any other machine, needs fuel. It takes a lot of guidance and control needs special. And here enters the special equipment that enables the management and display of fuel. Let us dwell on this subject. 

So, before you quite dull, but useful system control and display fuel SUITE 148 An-148. Its made of "Techpribor" of concern "Radio-electronic technology" (KRET)

By the way, "Techpribor" — the only Russian designer and manufacturer of aircraft systems and control systems and fuel management. He is also the only one in Russia and one of only three in the world, who develops and produces airborne vibration measuring equipment for aircraft engines. Without his participation can not be collected no aircraft and a helicopter in Russia.

Now a lot of orders, even including fuel systems for the Russian fighter of the 5th generation T-50 — due to this, as well as the modernization, the new company CEO in the coming years plans to go to the rescuemore than 4 billion rubles.


Usually set SWEET installed on aircraftthat’s the way, along the wings:

Try to find the interface of this system in the cockpit. It is difficult, however. But the pilots have to remember where things are and during the flight after all this watch.

And for what is to follow. One only fuel level sensors are 28 different types. They are located on the wings, that is, where and are the fuel tanks.

Also on the wings, there are sensors, detectors of water. In addition, the motors are located here. They are equipped with sensors monitoring the parameters of vibration and the oil level.

Information from the sensors is supplied to remote control and refueling (PKUZ18-1)

and on the fuel gauge unit (BT16-2).

With all these devices AN-148 flies like this:

and not like this:

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