Why Putin is possible, and Ponomariov — you can not

Talking about Lev Ponomarev, a leading "Echo of Moscow"said"As for the islands, Shikotan and Habomai, which was made in 2011, as my God, what a sacrilege, we give up our land. Now political scientists, it is close to the government, discuss carefully, it is one of the solutions. " We are talking about well-known human rights activist video talks with the Japanese diplomat, who clearly took our intelligence agencies and posted on YouTube.

This clumsy way to equate the rights of the cardinal and haberdasher is not new. Belolentochnaya Guard and then remembers Putin concession to China Amur Islands and Norway — Barents Sea. That is, the years of negotiations with neighboring countries with the participation of experts, historians, lawyers, and the conclusion of agreements that have endorsed all the agencies involved in the case, with the ratification of the State Duma, the Federation Council and then, in the opinion of aggressively docile public — it’s the same thing secret negotiations of a single citizen of the country — an authoritative human rights in their communities. Like, you can, but our way — not that it?
What are the terms given to the islands Tarabarov and Big Amur

The islands Tarabarov and Big Ussuri time immemorial belonged to China. However, in 1929 they were occupied by the Red Army, and has since been under our jurisdiction. It is not that the Chinese like the occupation of their lands, but in times of great friendship Stalin — Mao on the decision of a territorial dispute it, for obvious reasons, would not start. From the middle of a 60-ies of the last century, China began to demand return of the islands.

At the inability of the leaders of the Soviet regime was not possible to settle the conflict. But when the notorious Putin allegedly right-to-left sells the Russian land, justice has been restored. But under the new terms — we went to the eastern part of the Big Ussuri (the Chinese are happy and that they returned to the west). "This settlement is a concrete step in the two countries for the implementation of the Treaty of Good-neighborliness, Friendship and Cooperation" — shared joy spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang. Adding that the delimitation of the border — the physical installation of border pillars separating the territory of the two countries — was "the result of years of negotiations and demonstrates our strategic partnership."

Apparently, from the point of view of liberals we had to defend our ancestors occupied the land by force of arms. Putin went on a different path — the path of negotiation and compromise in solving the long-standing inter-state problems. I must say, he has achieved his goal — China no longer has territorial claims to us.

Instead of angry obstinacy of our great power we have on the eastern border of a neighbor who is ready to develop a strategic partnership with us.  

What gave Norway

In Norway we have also argued forty years. Moscow insisted on dividing the disputed part of the sea on the "sector principle" in the framework established in the 1926 borders Arctic possessions, held along the meridian to the North Pole. Oslo offered to divide the territory of the Barents Sea in the midline. The result was "neither yours nor ours", which in diplomatic language is called compromise.

Of course, I do not like it when the Russian border change in the direction of decreasing (although in the case in Norway, it simply was not there before, so there was nothing to diminish). I am confident that our diplomats have done all they could. However, the Norwegians responded to our proposals categorical refusal.

The same question of liberal society: if they were in power, the answer would have gone to Norway war?
Japanese "Northern Territories"

How will progress in talks with Japan, is still unknown. Let me remind you, is currently a peace treaty with the country we have not signed. Islands of the Lesser Kuril given to us by the end of the Second World War, but our possession is not legalized. That is, the contract is, it is signed by the Japanese side, but the caption underneath the USSR no.

The problem is serious, with kondachka not resolved.

Lev Ponomarev, but for some reason thinks that at least Shikotan and Habomai archipelago Russia should pay. And expressed his private opinion of Japanese diplomacy, promising to change public opinion in our country for the benefit of his country. If he will give money.

If we call a spade a spade, a human rights activist was going to get paid for their promise to defend the interests of another state. With that his native country is, among other things, in a state of war. Although it is conditional.

The difference between Putin and Ponomariov in the fact that for the first voted in millions, thereby instructing him to solve public problems. Including international. As well as controversial and unresolved.

Ponomariov did not vote for anybody, human rights activist, he appointed himself. So to solve the problems affecting Russia’s interests, he has no right at all. None.

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