Why Russia is not Russian?

All who are able to think clearly, notice that the Russian people are in a semiconscious state, languishing on the sidelines, went into a coma as a bud someone bewitched or put into a deep state of hypnosis. Even if someone wakes up, trying to shake off the daze of glamor — it immediately knit hands and feet, once again assuring us Russian, in a total hopelessness of the situation in which we are trapped, mired.

How did we get to this? What is that prichnam? These questions publicist Igor Peshnin gives the following answer:

"Russia, possessing the most powerful creative potential in the world, established itself on the margins of world civilization in a pathetic role of its raw materials appendage and a garbage dump. Sadly vegetating on the sidelines of time in the company of "banana republics" and whose name is something not everyone has heard. And there is breaking all records for the number of beggars, the homeless, homeless, alcoholics, prostitutes, drug addicts, HIV-infected people and criminals per capita, ie actually demonstrates, in the words of Marx, "… a surprising fact, surprising all the wonders of all religions together, that the nation should starve just the wealth and excess."

Hence the loss of Russia‘s geopolitical space — our society is in the eyes of other nations looks very unattractive: not the middle class crowd on mental deficiency and lack of character floating "downstream", not at all despicable pack of pathological slaves.

Indeed, thanks to the heroism of their ancestors to have a country and still live like that, and even in the XXI century — it is necessary to manage!

It is at the roots of separatism so-called small nations forming part of Russia, threatening the final collapse of the country, not to mention the alienation of large — Ukrainians, Belarusians, Georgians, etc.

The main problem of all problems is its correct formulation.

The correct formulation of the question is not how, why Russia is not America? but rather: why Russia is not Russian?

French traveler, de Custine one of the first to attempt to answer this question and here is a summary:

"The Russian people — a nation of dumb. Like a magician turned millions of people into automatons waiting another sorcerer’s magic wand to be reborn to a new life.

Enslaved people always worthy of the yoke: tyranny — is the creation obeys her people.

But how is the Russian came to the uttermost such self-denial, to such an oblivion of human dignity? What means have reached the same results? Means very simple — to rank.

The bureaucracy — a caricature of the aristocracy.

Army officials — plague Russia.

How long shall the Providence kept under the yoke of the people, the color of the human race? When the hour strikes for his release, more than that — an hour celebration? Who knows? Who will answer this question? ".

The book is called "Russia in 1839."

The impression that the astute Marquis proputeshestvoval for our country just now.

You are poor,

You and plentiful,

You and the downtrodden,

You and all-powerful.

Mother — Russia! …

These lines NA Nekrasov and obviously still quite capable to serve as an epigraph to the article on the state of Russia. "

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