Why small businesses in Russia?

The answers to the 10 most popular myths about entrepreneurship in Russia.

In Germany twice entrepreneurs than Russia. In Poland — five times. If in Russia for every hundred people have two entrepreneurs, in Germany — for four, while in Poland — as many as 10 people. Why is that?

1. Hard to register a company.

For three or four thousand rubles special offices gladly prepare for you all the necessary documents "turnkey". You do not even have to personally go to the tax: You simply sign a power of attorney by a notary, and in a couple of weeks will receive a full set of documents.

At that fans do it all yourself can save and fill / submit documents in person. Exactly there is no big deal, giant queues also not observed.

2. Unable to save the initial capital.

Much of the types of businesses — in the service sector or petty trading — or does not require initial capital at all, or constitutes a very minimal start-up capital.

In this case, the state is quite possible to get free for the first time the office, to issue a soft loan. And if you fit into the program of any franchisee, you can take an already quite commercial credit against future income.

In addition, nothing prevents the first time to work "under the wing" of any large office, a rights polufrilansera. Then invest will generally not need all the resources you provide.

3. Business will not allow open competition or officials.

This is a fairy tale for pedrabotnikov and immigrants.

a) Register the legal entity.
b) We rent the premises.
c) Getting Started.

At what stage can interfere with the officials and competitors? Do not give rent an office? It is ridiculous.

4. Business strangle taxes.

Taxes on business in Russia — one of the lowest in the world:
In this country a lot of money, and lack of customers is also not observed. So differently to our business in the financial plan is easier than in Germany or in giperkonkurentnoy graceless and cash-strapped Poland.

Simply put, that business which in Germany can hope to bring a plus after a few years of working in Russia will be profitable in the first few months.

5. Come werewolves and all I have taken away.

It is extremely unlikely. Wolves do not eat ants. No one will touch your business as long as he does not turn out fine even in the middle.

And in order to grow the business to multimillion svezhenachaty speed you have to spend a lot of effort, and in the process you will certainly learn safety rules when dealing with business sharks.

To think seriously about the evil Raiders at the opening of business — it is about how to refuse to go to the gym to clean the stomach, convincing themselves that all the world champions in bodybuilding steroids are eaten and, therefore, bodybuilding will certainly make you sick impotent.

6. I have to plow through 14 hours a day.

Highly depends on your abilities and your character. Sometimes, of course, at the beginning businessmen happen rush jobs, during which accounted sweat. However, if a businessman is working 14 hours a day all the time — it is his personal troubles.

Maybe he just likes to work in this mode. Maybe he had problems at home and he does not want to go back there. Maybe he was a clinical dolt and is not able to manage your time.

In any case, for the normal development of the business routine of working a forty-hour week is more than enough.

7. I do not have higher education businessman.

Knowledge and skills are always useful. However, it is possible to open a business without them. I will say more: the longer the preparation for the opening of the business, the less likely that the business will eventually open. In this respect, training, perhaps even harmful.

If we are talking about some basic things: how to make contracts, how to work with banks, how to hire employees — all of this is taught on short courses. In addition, you can always consult a free public consultations for beginners in business.

8. If my business is ruined, I will cut off the eggs.

If your business is ruined, you just open a new one. Over the past 12 years, I do not know of a single case to have honest bankrupt businessman had problems due to the remaining debt.

Bankruptcy — it’s part of the game, it is all the usual and no surprise. If I go bankrupt debtor, which occasionally happens, I’ll just write off his debt losses and work down.

9. I do not want contact with the criminal.

Well, so do not mess. Do not open the vodka stall and buying non-ferrous metal — no crime and you will not see. Engage in honest business, such as trade or shoe repair machines.

If you yourself will not blatantly violate the law of interest to criminals you will not submit. Moreover, you will not then be of particular interest for the inspection of structures, such as firefighters and SES.

In addition, you can always find a place in any large business center, in which the inspection authorities, in principle, does not come without a special reason.

10. Honestly do business in Russia is impossible.

Not only possible, but, in general, quite easily. Of course, many people prefer to work "in the gray" and hide the taxes. However, this is a personal choice of each entrepreneur: to pay the state for more than a thousand rubles, or put that thousand rubles in his pocket.

Many of the first hidden taxes, and then write in their blozhikah that in Russia range rogues and thieves. But it’s their personal problems: nothing but their own greed, they are not forced to steal.

Summed up

Main reason that so few in the Russian businessmen — chernushny media environment. Huge amount of "well-wishers" as off-line and on-line, carefully bullies want to start a business out of touch with the reality of the problems.

Simply put, the main problem of small business in Russia — these are the people who PR on these issues.

Again, an analogy with physical exercise. I can easily find on the internet for hundreds of sad stories about gyms. There will be torn ligaments and damaged spines, and drunken brawls and even fell on his neck rod.

But … does the abundance of these stories that the beer-bellied visitors on average healthier than ever at risk of injury to yourself dumbbells amateur athletes? Discussion in the journal

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