Why White British leave London?

In the first decade of the new millennium, London has been an amazing change. The white Britons in the capital of the United Kingdom fell by 620,000 — is almost equal to the population of Scottish Glasgow.

White British, constituting 45% of the inhabitants of London, are now a minority in the city, according to the latest census.

And where did they leave? And why not?

However, if you carefully analyze all the data of the census, picture is more positive than most of the headlines in the media.

One of the reasons why the White British are leaving their homes, known as migrant workers. But this is only part of the problem are equally important ambitions of the working class and economic success.

Where the White British in the minority …

Try to keep track of internal migrants — not an easy task. If the population has decreased in the same region, but increased in the other, it does not mean that people just move between them.

  • Ford
  • Ford

Ford plant has been a source of income for many people in Barking and Dagenham

However, while the number of white Britons fell in the British capital to 620,000 in general for England and Wales, their number increased to 220,000. An overall reduction of 400 thousand due to a low birth rate and emigration.

More than a dozen towns and regions with the highest growth in the number of white British are in the east of England.

It would seem, in the first decade of the XXI century, the dream of tens of thousands of white British, born in big cities — to live in the village. But the question is: Are they left voluntarily or were just forced the circumstances?

Let’s look at one of the poorest and most deprived areas in the east of London — Barking and Dagenham. According to the 2001 census, 80% of its residents were White British, ten years later, they have become a minority, 49% of residents classified themselves as white British.

Prices of housing and real estate in the area — the lowest within Greater London. Many Britons who first bought the property, could afford it only in this area. But in the last decade, the economic engine stopped working Dagenham — closed plant American car giant Ford. Many residents of the area started to think about his future. Over the past 10 years in the number of jobs declined by a quarter.

Cottage by the Sea

White British was less than in many parts of London around the central part of the city, except for the wealthier municipalities of Richmond and Kingston.

At the same time, the central areas of Inner London, which also reduced the number of white British, increased the total number of white residents, that is, those who are in the questionnaire choose the option "other white". For example, of Kensington and Chelsea, the most prestigious and richest area of the city, left 17,300 white British, but the category of "other white" is now 28% of the population. Immigrants here are rich white Europeans and Russians.

In Barking and Dagenham the story is quite different. Most people who are new residents in the area — it’s black Britons whose parents emigrated from Africa in the last century.

On the streets of the district, I met several white Britons who are thinking about how to get out of Barking and Dagenham.

During the years between the last two censuses in London has seen many changes, especially in its suburbs and outer areas. Some white Britons may have left because they did not survive the cultural change, where in place of traditional tea shops and restaurants appeared with kebabs and halal shops for new tenants.

But it is also the story of the British white working class, which is in the middle of the last century, fled from the slums and bombed during the Second World War, the East End, and found new opportunities in the growing suburbs of London, over time, become rich at the expense of the housing boom and economic growth, and bought Me cottage in the village or on the beach.

This is the story quest for a better life. This is a success story.


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