Wicker antenna: Vyaz and communication

To ensure the soldier on the battlefield hundred percent reliable and efficient communication, the antenna will be right in the weave cloth uniforms.

For a modern army link schematic as air. For efficient data exchange between the fighters, commanders and command Fri rod antennas are used, the massive and reduce stealth. And though they rely entirely on the impossible. For example, the signal is rather short antenna portable radio can be blocked by a soldier with his body and his ammunition. To solve these difficulties developers want to BAE Systems.

The "wearable antenna» (Body Wearable Antennas, BWA) should provide fighter 360-degree, continuous and good means of communication: this antenna woven into the fabric of uniforms.

Has made working model of the system shows that it is capable of not only provide overestimate the reliability of communication, and to provide a channel for the exchange of voice and video data from a soldier attached to the helmet microphone and camera, and GPS-data navigation. In practice, at the right moment at least some fighter can behold the picture of the "eyes" of his partner or associate, or show him the status of his own position.

The image is displayed on the screen of everyday phone that is attached to the wrist. Special software then indicates a map, on which the placement of the other fighters mentioned — obviously, the situation appears lively and updated in real time. The touch panel can be marked for the principal battlefield objects — non-hazardous asylum or, on the contrary, the potential sources of threat. Reliable exchange all of these data and sewn to provide uniform antenna BWA, despite the fact that their weight is the smallest, than standard antennas.

Developers seek out ways parallel and non-military commercial use of BWA — for example, for firefighters, rescue workers and police in the exploration and other fields that require constant and reliable personal link.

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