WIG for the Navy from CDB SEC them. RE Alexeeva

Nizhny Novgorod JSC "CDB SEC them. RE Alekseev," presented at theVI International Maritime Defense Showin St. Petersburg several projects WIG, part of which is intended for the Navy Russia.

 Among the presented naval models include, in particular, the missile project ekranplan 903E "Lun E", designed to combat surface ships and to ensure a rapid increase in fleet capacity drum and landing ekranplan Project 904, designed for transport by sea advanced units assault, weapons and military equipment and planting them on unequipped coast.

Also on behalf of the CDB stands Alexeev can see the project WIG-lab "Swift-L", created in his time as a training winged "Swift" for Russian Navy.

"The obvious advantage of WIG, making them the best choice for the Navy — is the speed and stealth, — told theCentral Navy PortalChief Designer CDB SEC them. Valery Alexeev Blokhin. — Besides, such silent aircraft in flight is practically no effect turbulence that makes WIG convenient and comfortable, including a short phase due to landing. "

"In order to realize such a project, more funds, the budget does not exceed the performance of modern aircraft," — said Valery Blokhin.

"Of course, it is very unfortunate that a huge number of projects WIG remained unrealized — complained a staff reporter TSVMP CDB name Alexeev. — But I hope that the domestic WIG still teach the Russian Navy to fly."

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