Will Russia’s motorcade?

 News ambiguous, and while repeatedly surfaced at ‘hotelok. " So publish your personal blog. But I would like to discuss the prospects.

Ministry of Industry and began discussing the creation in Russia of a series of executive cars 

State returned to the idea of the Russian car for the first persons. We are not talking about one model, but a whole convoy of several vehicles. Among the most likely candidates that could take on a project — GAZ and ZIL that manufactured cars for officials in the Soviet times. The implementation of the project, including the creation of a platform for cars can cost € 1 billion

The fact that the development of the Russian car for the first persons actively discussed in the specialized departments, told "Kommersant" several sources in the industry. "The project has the working title" Cortege "because it is not about a single model, but a few, including the escort car," — said the source "b". They note that "there is a request for the mass production of representative vehicles", which "must be from the ground up to develop its own platform, design and build component base." A number of meetings on this subject have already been in the Ministry of Industry.

"Obviously, the Russian manufacturers, which have the potential to develop a passenger-class cars, a little," — said one of the sources. The two sides "b" are of the opinion that the project may take either OAMO ZIL or GAZ group that "in Soviet times produced luxury cars for officials." "They have the brands of" The Seagull "and" ZIL "that it is possible to revive" — highlights one of the sources of "b". In Gaza and the ZIL declined to comment. A spokesman for the administration of President (UDP) Victor Hrekov confirmed "b", in accordance with the request of the president, "the development of the car for the first persons worked out."

Dmitry Medvedev instructed to develop the Russian car class two years ago. UDP transmits the appropriate terms of reference Zilu in September of 2010 — then head of the Vladimir Kozhin said that the answer could come before the end of the year. Zilu help in the design of the new car even then offered to Italian Pininfarina, but the factory refused.

As a result, the project was never realized — this spring, Mr. Kozhin said that ZIL not submitted acceptable proposals. "The situation is complex, we have studied it carefully and prepare their proposals on how to dramatically correct, and will report to the prime minister and the president," — said Vladimir Kozhin. He said at the time that we are talking about mass production of machines for the first persons. Sources "b" say that the idea once again began to actively discuss in specialized departments after in April, Vladimir Putin said that "all state and municipal authorities," "should be in the very near future" to buy only cars made in the Common economic space.

Also in May, the Moscow authorities and the Savings Bank announced a large-scale project resuscitation ZIL — JV "MosavtoZIL." Bank it was 51%, Moscow — 49%, the total investment in the project will amount to 12 billion rubles. The first production at the plant is expected LCV, but "it is possible that in the renovation of production capacity at the plant can be created and competence to build" machines for top officials, said one of the interlocutors "b". ZIL stopped assembling passenger cars Executive in 2002, a small party was collected only in 2010 for the parade on Red Square.

GAZ, which is used to produce "The Seagull", now also focuses on the LCV. Assembling the Volga Siber was discontinued in 2010. At Siber, created on the platform of Chrysler, also offered to transplant Russian officials, but the idea was never implemented. "At first glance, GAZ more competences to start assembling cars premier-class since the factory assembles Volkswagen and Skoda, but it is unlikely they will want to share technology — said Michael Park of" Aten. "- The project is very time-consuming, and because it is assumed mass production, its validity from the point of view of the market is not obvious. "

According to analyst estimates, if we will focus on several models of premium cars that will constitute a "tuple", then on the development of a platform for them to start from scratch and production can take up to € 1 billion Russian officials now go mainly to Mercedes, BMW and Ford — "with the leading Russian manufacturers will set a target to achieve the same quality, that amount could increase," said Mr. Park. While the rest of the volume of subsidies to the Russian car factories until 2015, the budgeted amounts to about 30 billion rubles. 

I’d add — the movement’s top officials on domestic limousines will affect the prestige of the positive, and primarily among themselves countrymen. But there is a second caveat — there is the prospect that the project, if it takes place, will be more and commercially successful?


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