Winners of the State Prize in Science and

Technology for 2012,

The award of this highest award of the recognized global science community and are disruptive in nature. Thus, the archaeological finds in the Altai Academician Anatoli Derevianko became a worldwide sensation, changed the previously existing basic understanding of the evolution of modern humans. Conducted in one of the best laboratories in the world — the Max Planck Institute — anthropological study of the remains of the Denisova Cave of the Altai age of about 50,000 years, established the existence of previously unknown populations of fossil man, named Homo altaiensis.

The work of academician Derevjanko generated enormous interest in the world. One of the most prestigious journal "Science" put the rating of the scientific events of 2012 genome sequencing "denisovtsev" the second after the discovery of the Higgs boson. Anatoli Derevianko became the first Russian archaeologist, invited to lecture at Harvard and a number of other U.S. and Australian universities, he is the author and co-author of more than a thousand publications, including articles in the journals "Nature" and "Science". 

Anatolia Panteleevichu Derevjanko 70, he director of the "Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography of the" Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor Emeritus of Russian and foreign universities.

George Karzov, Yaroslav Shtrombakh and Alexei Oak awarded the Prize for the development of materials for nuclear reactor vessels. The authors managed to significantly outstrip global level in this challenging and prestigious area of nuclear energy. This opens up significant opportunities for the industry to export Russian reactors. For example, the design life of the reactors of high power increased several times and is 80-100 years. The materials used for the manufacture of cases of domestic reactors, and in nuclear power plants "Tianwan" (China) and "Kudankulam" (India). The authors developed a method for assessing the safety of nuclear reactors buildings are included in the guidance documents IAEA and European Norms strength calculation.

George Karzovu 74 years old, he was deputy director of the "Central Research Institute of Structural Materials" Prometheus. "Yaroslav Shtrombahu 63 years old, he was director of the Kurchatov Center for Nuclear Technology Research Center" Kurchatov Institute ". Alexei Oak 52 years old, he was the general director of" Central Research Institute of Technology mechanical engineering. "

For his work on the study of biodiversity, conservation and environmental safety Prize awarded Gleb Dobrowolski (Posthumously) Dmitry Pavlov and Andrei Andrianov. Scientists have made a significant contribution to the understanding of what laws are developed ecosystem that provides them with stability. They presented new data on how the impact of human impact on the biosphere, its sustainability and diversity. Scientists have proposed several key strategies that will stop the degradation of the biosphere. These studies were the basis of legislative initiatives and regulations, in particular, the "National Strategy for the Conservation of Biodiversity", "Strategy for Conservation of rare and endangered species", "Ecological Doctrine of the Russian Federation", the "Red Book of the Russian Federation" and the "Red Book of Russian soil."

Gleb Dobrovolsky passed away in April of this year at age 98, he was the director of the Institute for Environmental Soil Science, Dmitry Pavlov, 74 years old, he was director of the Institute of Ecology and Evolution. ANSevertsov RAS, Andrew Adrianov 49 years old, he is director of the Institute of Marine Biology. A.V.Zhirmunskogo FEB RAS.

Also awarded the State Prize Yefim Mezhiritsky, Sergey Nikulin and Victor Shurigin for the creation of strategic missile systems "Yars".

National Awards Ceremony will be held on June 12, the Day of Russia in the Kremlin with President of the Russian Federation. Amount of the premium 5,000,000 rubles.

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