Winning is not rocket taking off

In 1969, the Soviet Strategic Rocket Forces was adopted for the missile system with a P-36 "orb" (the first successful launch was proimzveden in 1965).
It was a great breakthrough in the form of arms, questioning formed at that time the U.S. missile defense system.
P-36 "orb" had unlimited range, allowing hit targets
inaccessible to conventional intercontinental ballistic missiles, and could hit;

— possibility of damage to the same target with two mutually
opposite directions, say it is not possible? But no. The head part of the rocket was orbital, that is going into orbit and there are already hanging out waiting for when, where and how to hit the target. The American system of warning and missile defense, have been deployed to the North, and from the south, such a system does not
was built in the U.S. missile defense system was a large hole.

That is, in practice, we won the cold war nuclear, but besides soldiers and scientists have traitors. Andropov was already seriously ill, but in addition probably not as well versed in missiles, as in intelligence. And traitors, lobbyists and fools of the Central Committee and the defense industry, filed on top of the information on which these missiles were not such and necessary. As a result, in January 1983, the complexes of the P-36 "orb" (8K69) were withdrawn from combat duty and are supposed to be destroyed, I was hoping among officers and generals is "Arbat District" were patriots, and that it survived and was right . Polugrazhdanskaya system of launching satellites into low orbit "Cyclone" exists to this day under the SALT and she kind of misses, "Cyclone", a modified P-36.

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