Winter came to West Virginia by Hurricane Sandy

Winter came to West Virginia by Sandy Hurricane Weather and Climate

As you know, Hurricane Sandy brought numerous floods in the eastern regions of the United States. And West Virginia had to literally dig out from under the snow, because after it was formed nearly Sandy meter snow layer. From such an unexpected winter, many did not survive the power lines, and about three hundred families were left without electricity. Some restaurants have resorted to the use of long-forgotten gas cookers, not to stop the work.

Snow drifts on the roads of the state and collapsed under the weight of snow on the roadway trees practically paralyzed movement. If after Sandy follow warming, probably fallen in the mountains Apalachee snow will spill the local rivers, and in the lower series of floods happen. Because of the snow, some groups of people are cut off from sources of clean water, which had to be delivered in bottles.
Total impact of heavy snow associated with Sandy, have more than 30 of the 55 counties of Virginia. Basically, it is the mountainous areas of the state where dropped from 23 to 60 mm of snow. As suggested meteorologists, snow linger in the state for 1-2 days, possible strong snowstorm. The local population is recommended if possible, not to leave the house. The University canceled classes Marshall, Virginia State University also closed for a day.

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