Winter continues to move to Europe

Winter continues to move to Europe Weather and Climate

As confirmed by the records of meteorologists, winter begins in Austria as early as this year, that is, at the end of October, just two times in the whole time of meteorological observations. First early snow has gone October 31, 1941, the second case relates to the 23-24 October 2003.
Forecasters say the anomalous change in climate patterns over Europe and that winter in Central Europe will be prolonged and severe. Already fallen snow causes a lot of inconvenience residents of Austria, on the roads which have been several automobile accidents.

In addition to accidents in the region Carinthia were several cases where heavy snow knocked trees right on the power line. This left without power several hundred thousand people.
A similar situation was another European country — Germany. In the center and east of the country sharply colder, the temperature dropped to freezing temperatures, there was a heavy snowfall. Touring in the forest the snow depth reached 17 cm, which may be a record season.

German meteorologists recently watched an early snow and a temperature drop of 20 degrees in a week about 40 years ago. It is expected that in the Alps and in the Ore Mountains for the night of 10-15 cm of snow falls, the temperature drops to -10 ° C.

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