With a small aircraft distant cities Komi healed a new life

In the Republic of Komi revive small aircraft. The schedule reappeared flight "Syktyvkar — Vuktyl." Last time on this route passenger planes flew 20 years ago. Tickets sold out instantly. On the bus to Vuktyl — almost a day, and on the plane — an hour.


At the airport flight information Syktyvkar besides the usual flights to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Anapa there was one — two times a week, the aircraft will fly in Vuktyl. From Syktyvkar to Vuktyl — 500 kilometers. This distance is 18-seater aircraft travels in an hour.

It seems a small airport and stayed there in the past. Old helicopter in front — as a monument to another Soviet civil aviation. In the control room there is no navigation equipment — only the means of communication, and what is left, is out of order and can replenish Aviation Museum. But they hope here is about to change.

"It’s good, though the work will be. How many people have posokraschali! No fly — no sales, no incentive," — said air navigation techniques, and electronic communications aerolokatsii airport Vuktyl Nikolai Kuznetsov. 

In fact, all these years, a trip to the capital of the Komi for the residents were a real nuisance. To get to Syktyvkar, people had to get off the car Pechora raft to the other side and from there by bus 12 hours to travel to the capital of the Komi Republic.

The cost of one-way flights — two thousand 700 rubles. For comparison, the bus ride — almost one and a half thousand. In spring and autumn because of bad roads travel time increased.

"Today, probably, as long as it’s not a way to make a profit. Rather, it is the satisfaction of social needs. There are federal support programs, subsidies within the separate federal district, there is a program of support within the country," — said the director of "Komiaviatrans" Alexander Ponomarev.

The new flight will be in demand, convinced a young mother of Alexander Mishin, because Vuktyl — a small town, and many citizens need constant communication with the capital of the Komi Republic.

"In winter, it happened that the crossing was freezing. Fridges were empty. Planes were not. I gave birth here," — says Mishin. 

On the way back to Syktyvkar were first passengers. By plane and they did carry on executive cars. Tatiana Burkina flying with a friend for a vacation in Turkey. "For such a small plane, I’m flying for the first time, but I love it" — happy woman.

This year alone, the local airline has bought three new Czech L-410. To 180 million each. They is not even half a year. The manufacturer promises, these machines are sturdy and withstand frost, and heat and easily sit on is not always ideal airfields Russian hinterland.

Very soon, from Syktyvkar planes will still fly in Trinity-Pech, Yurgan and Izhmu. Surrounded by taiga distant city of Komi are not all that far away.

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