With growth ALL CLEAR. SECOND — Kuban?

Monday's match in Vladikavkaz "Alania" — "Ural", seems to have been one of the key, drawing a line under the race for the second start in the Premier League. Dadu goal scored by as much as 92 minutes into the game, made him "Alan" owner of three points and turned the hopes of "Ural" in the very theory that sometimes do not quite fit in with the practice. Team Alexander Pobegalova after extracted in Krasnodar managed to draw in September, losing twice in a row, having handed over the keys to the door competitor, where happiness lies tournament. Watch out for them from the hands of "Kuban" should not. Zubco Topcu and C ° to try much to a couple with "growth" does not return to the Premier League. Any bold statement requires, as we know, explanations. They will. Omit the chances of "growth" — they are all so clear that the interest of the public cause only two questions: whether the issue the undisputed leader of the formalities to mid-October, and whether it totals 100 points? We will not detail all the game's leading teams. We only note the obvious: the fall in the course of "KAMAZ", and who had the status of the most spectacular "Anji", on the contrary, the loss of key players loses its inherent charm. [Cut] Let's talk about otherwise. Calendar and the tournament mathematics — at the finish line, these two factors decide if not all, very much. Separation, "Kuban" from "Anji" is 3 points (measured in lost), from the "KAMAZ" and "Ural" — four. In this Makhachkala Krasnodar ahead as the number of victories, and on a full-time appointments, which translated into ordinary language means "Kuban" from "Anji" is separated 4 points. And scores of these little vengeance, guarantee that — Calendar remaining matches of Krasnodar. 5 of 9 games — home among the contenders — lost chances to rescue clubs Bryansk, Irkutsk, Pyatigorsk, and neighbors from Novorossiysk, unmotivated, "growth" and the same "Alania", which is the final round for sure will solve all problems. Does not seem an insurmountable wall in the way, "Kuban" and Khabarovsk club coming to visit in early October. Only a visit to the banks of the Volga and Kama can bring southerners maximum frustration. However, even in this scenario 85 points last year's losers gain the Premier League — are not going anywhere. For pursuers this math is this: in the remaining matches, they can afford to lose a maximum of three points. However, the finish of the championship will hardly poskuchneet from the fact that the "Kuban" — a favorite of the race for the ticket number 2. Wait oversight favorite, knowing that it will change the whole balance of the established, in their own way too fun. And leaders from Thursday begin to play regularly with each other: in Ekaterinburg goes "Anji", the next round — a meeting on the right bank of the Don of "growth" and "Kuban", then "growth" — in Naberezhnye Chelny and Makhachkala, "KAMAZ" against "Kuban" with intriguing inclusions, such as: "Ural" — in Belogorie. And again: "KAMAZ" will arrive next week in Luzhniki, then fly to the Baltic, being defined in these matches with your true potential. Boring, in short, will not, but perhaps the "growth" and "Kuban" capable of gifts for those who are lagging behind today from Cossack duet on something more than just points in the table. It is also the head of purpose. And the football gods, tend to choose the most persistent.

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