With the help of technology Orenburg scientists are saving people

Burns survivors of a plane crash in Karelia are treated with biokozhi established Orenburg scientists.

As reported in the Orenburg State University, the drug "Hyamatrix" developed in the scientific and industrial laboratory of cell technologies OSU led Ramil Rakhmatullina will now be tested in the burn center at the Moscow Institute of Emergency Care. NV Sklifosofskiy.

Experts estimate this cooperation as a breakthrough in cooperation Orenburg scientists and leading hospitals of the country. Doctors have been using the center of the development of scientific staff at OSU to rescue the victims.
According to Ramil Rakhmatullina after the talks and presentations "Hyamatrix" the institute decided to free testing and to develop a method of application biokozhi.

The staff of the Orenburg State University in conjunction with the Orenburg State Medical Academy by photopolymerization of hyaluronic acid obtained biomaterial as an elastic plate, which has the optimal bio-engineering properties (elasticity, adhesion, sufficient mechanical strength). Originally developed biomaterial is hyaluronic acid that the polymerization proceeded without using additional chemical agents. In comparison with the best world analogues biomaterial has optimum bioengineering properties (elasticity, adhesion), does not require dressings and removal of material from the wound. The biomaterial can dissolve in the wound as it is healing.

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