With the Plesetsk cosmodrome carrier rocket rumble



Russian carrier rocket "rumble" was launched on January 15 from Plesetsk (Arkhangelsk region). This launch was the first in 2013. Carrier rocket was launched at 20:24 Moscow time.

At 20:30 it successfully separated from the upper stage "Breeze-KM" on spacecraft. In orbit, can see three military satellite "Cosmos."

At 22.09 MSK military spacecraft successfully separated from the third stage booster rocket "rumble" — the upper stage "Breeze-KM". They are taken for management of ground automated control

Note that the start of "Rokot" was planned for December 8. However, on the eve of the upper stage "Breeze-KM" was found defective.

Boosters "Briz-KM" are made by the State Research and Production Space Center Khrunichev. In the summer of this year breakdown product of the center booster led to the rocket "Proton-M" was not able to put into orbit communications satellites Telcom-3 and "Express-MD2." After the incident at the Khrunichev Center under new management.

The first launch of "Rokot" from the Plesetsk cosmodrome held May 16, 2000. Total for the period from the Baikonur was conducted sixteen starts the media.

Booster easy class "rumble" was created as part of the conversion program on the basis of a release from service of an intercontinental ballistic missile RS-18. "Roar" consists of a block of accelerators in the transport and launch container, which includes the first and second stages, the space head part. As part of the latter — the upper stage "Breeze-KM", fairing, the transitional system, the intermediate compartment and the payload bay.

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