Work is being completed at the station Alpica Service

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Completed construction work on a combined road and rail length of 48 km, which is part of the new transportation infrastructure and connects Adler, Olympic Park, and a mountain cluster of Olympic venues. This road will provide a fast and comfortable travel between Olympic venues seaside and mountain clusters of athletes and fans. On the assurances of the ideologues of construction, the combined road will be a wonderful legacy that will remain after the Olympic Games in Sochi.

It starts from the station"Adler"and comprising only two stop in the mountain side of the resort — it’s the station "Esto-Sadok"and "Alpica Service. "


Meanwhile, the construction of the railway is completed, according to her ply test locomotives. Railway stations are being commissioned.

The station "Esto-Sadok" was put into operation in December 2012.

The construction of the station and"Alpica Service".The full object is connected to the network engineering and technical support. Complete exterior and interior finishing. The station is almost close to the side of the mountain Aibka. The complex is built stylized "chalet" with a new reading of characteristic alpine houses serving the roof and framing.

At the end of May 2013 will be held in SochiVIII International Business Forum "Strategic Partnership 1520".
One of the business leaders of the railway business meetings to be held in the conference hall of the new Station "Alpica Service".

The station will take passengers from October 2013, and while the test is conducted tests of security systems, from access control and video surveillance to automated control system of the active fire protection and monitoring of engineering structures.

Ongoing activities for landscaping. To the south of the station is laid paving slabs, paved bus parking space and driveways. On the northern part of the forecourt specialists have the device trenches for communication.

For people with disabilities are provided tactile tiles. For the visually impaired or blind people navigation system activates a special bracelets. One push of the button launches a pre-recorded message about Neighbourhood services available.

In the station building two atria, which enables you to view almost all public areas and at the same time contributing to natural lighting. The main colors of the interiors — earth tones: gray granite, warm beige travertine. Massive columns decorated with stainless steel, and the ease of adding air and perforated metal panels "under the tree." Natural wood finish is not allowed in public areas of the station due to a mismatch fire class.

On the main level are escalators and stairs. Going up on them, the passengers fall into the same bright room — the main operating room. Authors of the project applied the original lamps whose light is directed to a special panel of mirrors reflectors, thanks to a station building creates a comfortable atmosphere light without glare for passengers.

On the facade uses a lot of glass, making it easy to visually and provide good views of the mountains and the forest. Total area of the station complex — 14,500 m2.

The station building is projected Novosibirsk Institute "Sibgiprotrans"And the interiors of the stations were set up under the guidance of the creative team the chief architect of the project department of design of the Sochi branch of Russian Railways NGO "Mostovik" Alexei Danilenko.

Here is what their project Aleksey Danilenko :

"There is no dispute, and" talk "to each other metal, stone, stoneware tiles and metal panels with the color and pattern of natural light wood. All this is combined with sunlight penetrating the station during the day and artificial light many lamps at night. As the authors of the building project, and we, the authors of interior solutions, wanted to "live" in the station building stunning mountain landscape to the outside it was organic and low-key nature of the Caucasian element, and inside — a spectacular continuation of the theme of the mountains. After all, as the poet wrote: "Better than mountains can be only mountains." 

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