Workshop Height 239 CHEP has released the world’s first pipe with a design pattern (photo)

In the workshop "Height 239" was first produced in the world, "painted pipe" — a unique technology for anti-corrosion protection of pipes caused colorful drawings.

Design patterns have developed a winners ‘scenic highway’, which the company CHEP conducted in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The singularity of the competition was the fact that participants were asked to develop a sketch drawings for the oil and gas pipes, and turn them from a purely industrial products pleasing to the eye design creation. During the presentation of unusual pipe shop today "Height 239" visited Kazakhstan artists and designers — winners of the competition.

In the workshop "Height 239" includes many unusual solutions: parquet floor, living trees, rock garden, a dining room in the form of billets, equipment golden. The opportunity to visit such a unique shop was one of the winners of the contest "The scenic highway." After a visit to Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling Plant Kazakhstan artists went to a seminar on design, and in June, the owners of 1 and 2 seats will go to France for the International Art Festival "Cannes Lions 2012".

Note that by the end of 2010, the Internet portal of the design acknowledged "the height of the 239" most unusual modern factory. The magazine "Forbes" list included a workshop at the "leading construction projects" of Russian capitalism, built "from scratch." "Height 239" won the prestigious award in the category "House of the Year. Choice of professionals" all-Russian festival "BestBuildingAwards / Best House of the Year." Chairman of the Board of architect Vladimir Plotkin called the building "a breakthrough project in the industrial architecture." The magazine "Billboard" includes the "height of 239" list of the most interesting and important demonstration of architectural projects completed or commenced after 2008.




CTRP Height 239







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