Workshop on production of compound feed for poultry launched Youth in the Altai region

All processes are automated in a feed mill. The composition of feed produced is about 20 components. It is worth noting that the company has nearly 18.3 million hectares of arable land, most of the arable land — more than 11.3 million hectares — occupied by crops. Therefore included in the feed grain — its own production.

In the factory contains more than 627 million birds, of which 513 — laying hens. Starting the feed department now will ensure all poultry feed mill. Furthermore, they are used for feeding cattle (over 1620 animals), and pigs (animal 1570). The construction of the factory feed department has spent 58 million rubles, of which 20 million — a bank loan. The shop is able to give a shift of 70-80 tons of feed, with each subsequent portion can be made to your prescription, you need to enter it into the program of the host computer.

General Director Evgeny Davydov factories reported that poultry production part "Youth" has been actively updated: introduced two hen house, is being renovated shop drying melazha, egg store, machine-tractor park filled with new appliances, now preparing a project for the creation of production for processing eggs into a liquid fraction and dried egg powder.

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