World Ocean Museum in Kaliningrad

The architectural concept of the building was selected in an open competition — recognized as the best project of the architectural studio of Romanov (USAID). The winner of the open competition for the design of development of design documentation of the exhibition contest recognized KB ViPS.

 The new museum building will be made in the shape of a ball, which encircle the glass "waves." Memorable image of the new building of the Museum of the World Ocean is designed to show the relationship of water elements and the planet Earth, and become one of the architectural sights in the center of Kaliningrad. The building is a natural complement to the city skyline and marks the beginning of modern promenade zone to be set up on the promenade. Updated embankment designed to be another landmark in Kaliningrad, it will link together the story of old Koenigsberg, the greatness and glory of the Baltic Fleet and the uniqueness of the only specialized Museum of the World Ocean.

The new building "Planet Ocean" specialized Museum of the World Ocean — a modern interactive complex, combining a dynamic architecture with advanced methods of museum display. In the exposition building "Planet Ocean" includes:
— Exposition;
— Aquariums;
— Exploratorium;
— A movie theater with a planetarium;
— Art lab (laboratory of life, the laboratory of the Earth, water laboratory, the laboratory air);
— Exhibition sites;
— Conference Room;
— Training classes;
— Cafe;
— SPA-center;
— A gift shop.

In the neighborhood will house:
— Entrance area "Baltic Coast";
— Marina (Marina);
— The area of the parades;
— Recreation zone.

The project is funded by the federal target program "Culture of Russia (2012-2018gg.)".
New exposition housing will be built on the Quay Peter the Great in Kaliningrad, and will be the first in a chain of buildings of the Museum of the World Ocean.

"To date, completed archaeological work at the site of one of the pavilions, playground transferred to the general contractor, construction began. Completed demolition of the pavilion" sperm whale "and playground are also transferred to the builders. At the future site of the exhibition housing archaeological excavation works of Sciences Institute of Archaeology" — explained the head of department of capital construction of the Museum of the World Ocean Julia Ryahina.

The new complex of the Museum of the World Ocean is designed for 850,000 visitors a year and become part of image block "Heart of the City", under construction for the FIFA World Cup 2018.

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