World Space Observatory — Ultraviolet

"Spectrum-UV" "World Space Observatory — Ultraviolet» World Space Observatory — Ultraviolet WSO-UV — a major international project led by Russia, aimed at the study of the universe out of the reach of observations with ground-based instruments ultraviolet portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. The launch is scheduled in 2015. Carrier rocket Zenit-2. / The World Space Observatory, also known as World Space Observatory-Ultraviolet (WSO-UV), is a proposed space telescope intended for work in the 110 nm to 320 nm wavelength range. The launch is planned for 2015. This international project is led by Russia (Roskosmos). At present the international cooperation includes three basic participants: Russia (will provide the telescope, spacecraft, launch facilities, ground segment); Spain (ISSIS, ground segment); Germany (spectrographs). Ukraine and Kazakhstan also participate the project.

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