Wrangel Island delivered pressing equipment for the recycling of packaging barrel

Until 2013, Ministry of Natural Resources will provide for the restoration of ecology on the island of Wrangel 250 million rubles.

Chukotka Governor visited the island of Wrangel. In the reserves Roman Kopin acquainted with the work to eliminate traces of human activity. The island is delivered pressing equipment for recycling barrel container. After testing it on the island, in the case of a positive result, it will be used all along the coast of Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, where there is the need to dispose of abandoned drums.

Also as part of his visit, Roman Kopin had short working meeting with meteorologists who work on the island, and the staff of the State Nature Reserve "Wrangel Island".

"The government understands that Wrangel Island — is one of the trademarks of the region through the formation of the county tourist attraction — the governor said at the meeting. Tourism is an important component in the successful development of Chukotka. And we need to support its further development. One of the vectors to facilitate favorable conditions for the stay of tourists on Wrangel Island — clearing and settlement of the conservation area "

On a trip accompanied by Governor Roman Kopin chairman of the Committee on Tourism, Sport and Physical Education Irina Ryabukhina. As part of the group that delivered the ship to the island, "Professor Molchanov", visited the reserve foreign guests, who included scientists studying mammoths, and representatives of the tourism business. During the trip, guests were shown a presentation that tells about the tourism potential of Chukotka.

Works on Wrangel Island are conducted in accordance with the instructions of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Earlier, Prime Minister decided to allocate an additional 2.4 billion rubles for three years on the improvement of national parks and reserves in Russia. The purpose of the planned work — to enable the people of Russia to see the most beautiful places of the country and it does not cause damage.

In accordance with the program involves equipping the entire system of communication, means of transport — and water and land — so that the inspectors were able to save biodiversity, to combat poaching patrol the area. According to the results of this program in the reserves will be built museums and other facilities to the public, equipped with ecological trails and recreational facilities.

The reserve is "Wrangel Island" is included in the program among the 12 priority protected areas. In addition, the Wrangel Island became one of the three pilot projects, Ministry of Natural Resources to eliminate the accumulated environmental damage, according to the "Vostok-Media" with reference to the press-center of the Government of Chukotka AO

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