Yakut rescuers got a new boat

October 3 in Yakutsk in the boat station of the State Inspectorate for Small Vessels was committed ritual consecration of a new boat rapid response to emergency spillages of oil and oil products CN -110-37. The boat was made by experts of the Kostroma Marine Engineering Plant and arrived in Yakutsk this summer. Participation in the ceremony took the lead of the Main Directorate of MOE Russia in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and the State Institution "Rescue of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)."

 Photo source:1sn.ru

According to the head of the Office of Civil Defense, the organization of YATP emergency management and mobilization training Rescue Service Yakutia Ayaan Wenzel, the boat at that time is registered, and since the beginning of the navigation season next year will begin to fulfill assigned tasks.

 Photo source:boat-ksmz.ru

New boat CS-110-37 is equipped with several complexes of special equipment to contain and recover the spilled oil and the following tasks:

• production of sorbent — thermally cleaved graphite (a one-time supply of sorbent on a boat can be paired with up to 90 tonnes of oil products)

• the application of the sorbent on the water surface and coastal zone

• formulation of booms and oil spill containment

• Clean contaminated surfaces surfactants (surface active agents)

• Transportation of oil skimming equipment to the emergency dispensing of petroleum products

• formulation of oil skimming equipment based at the beach or the water

• Collection of floating oil in the tank or on the shore

• basing floating containers of collected oil

 Photo source:boat-ksmz.ru

The effectiveness of this type of vessels already tested their practical use as emergency funds for oil spill response in several regions of Russia.

 Photo source:boat-ksmz.ru

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