Yakut scientists have developed a new type of bread

Scientists from the North-Eastern Federal University developed a biologically rich bread on the basis of reindeer moss (lichen), which has received the name "Polar".
The newest sort of bread specialists have developed a small innovative company NEFU "Mechano biotechnology", together with the Yakut college of consumer technology.  

"We developed the bread is a functional product that is rich in dietary supplement based on powdered moss. This bread will be extremely useful to children, athletes, the elderly, and people who work with difficult working conditions "- scientists report.
At the moment the company has already received all the necessary documents for the production and sale of their products. Now the manufacturers a new challenge — how to rapidly form a market yagelevogo bread. 

"We have already signed an agreement with the Yakut hlebokombinat, and received its first order from Churapchinsky Institute of Physical Culture and Sports. In January next year, our products will be presented at the meeting of the Chamber of Commerce of Yakutia with individual entrepreneurs and private bakeries" — say in the enterprise, which will now be interested in cargo transportation in Russia, as yagelevy bread had to be delivered to different locations.
Small innovative enterprise "Mechano biotechnology" created in May of 2012. One of the areas of his work is the implementation of dietary supplements a wide spectrum of action.

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