Yakutia is developing alternative energy

As one of the positive examples of the introduction of new technologies in the energy sector in the Republic was named the wind farm, located in the village of Tiksi. Over the 4 years of operation, it is possible to save the country 66.2 tons of diesel fuel.

 Photo source:bucalus.com

In addition, at the present time in the Far North are conducted experimental work on the calculation of the feasibility of using solar panels.

At the moment, small batteries (each rated at 300 watts) is equipped nursery "Tympynay", which contains wood bison. This use of new technologies in remote settlements places doubly attractive because it allows you to save on laying power lines.

The village Batamaj currently checking the efficiency of solar power by 20 kW, which will soon be a substitute for diesel power is used today.

Another experiment is about to begin in the village of Russian-mouth. There are plans to install wind power. It is estimated that the cost of 1 kWh of energy, even taking into account the adaptation of production capacity under the harsh conditions of the North, will be two times lower than the cost of electricity in a conventional manner.

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