Yandeks.Brauzer reached a weekly audience of 10 million


Over the past year the number of users "Yandeks.Brauzera" reached 10 million a week. During this time, the product functionality has been expanded: there Turbo mode (that compresses data pages, accelerating their load), the ability to put a background image, synchronization and advanced search string.

In "Yandex" noted that many users are accustomed to the peculiarities of the browser. Thus, almost 50% of the users browser is administered in a "smart bar" not only for web sites but also the search query. Turbo Mode is used in 22% of users, and this month speeds up 1.4 billion pages.

Komaniya reported that the release is already preparing a new version of the browser, for beta testing which can be booked a special site.

"Yandeks.Brauzer" was presented October 1, 2012, and by October 12 it already downloaded 1 million times. It uses the Webkit engine, and a shell Chromium, therefore does not yield the speed of the browser Chrome, and also allows the expansion of the store Google Web Store. In June there versions for the iPad and smartphone platform Android.


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