Yandex became the regular search engine on the iPhone and iPad

The new iOS 7, submitted yesterday, Apple, which is expected to release in the autumn of 2013, showed the ability to install "Yandex" as the main search engine in a regular browser, Safari.

  • The line "Yandex" in the selection menu in the regular browser has Russian and Turkish localization iOS 7

This was reported in several Twitter users who have access to the developer version of iOS 7 and have installed it on their devices.

So far in Safari for iOS in the Russian localization were available to choose from search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing. 

It should be noted that the choice of "Yandex" as the main search engine in iOS 7 — not the first appearance of the domestic search engine in devices Apple. A setting of "Yandex" as a primary search is possible in the majority of alternative browsers for iOS, based on the same engine as Safari (including Google Chrome), and in Opera Mini.

Safari browser is a staff for all mobile devices from Apple in addition to parts of the audio players. Despite the popularity of alternative browsers for the platform iOS, Safari still provides a high proportion of web hits: according to Statcounter, 23,5% in the world and 24.75% in Russia.

Interestingly, the reports on the integration of "Yandex" in Safari come from countries in the markets where domestic search engine is most active: from Russia, Turkey and Ukraine. From users in other countries of similar news has yet been received.

A year earlier, after the WWDC 2012 event, which was introduced iOS 6, was found in the Safari integration with the Chinese search engine Baidu. Similarly, "by Yandex", its presence is noticeable on the locations of the languages of the countries where the Chinese search engine market activity is high. In this case, the integration Baidu is not clear, for example, in the Russian version of iOS.

Recall that in September 2012, Apple has integrated into its mapping application API GeoPoisk "Yandex". Since then, the Russian search for objects in the cards Apple is "Yandex".

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