Yaroslavl field settles settler — grain sorghum

Yaroslavl field settles settler — grain sorghum

A thousand acres increased this spring field area occupied by grain and forage crops in JSC "SHP" Voschazhnikovo. "

In the rotation of one of the largest agricultural enterprises of the Yaroslavl region includes 700 hectares of sorghum and 270 — corn for silage. To prepare the fields for planting, the local machine operators had to work hard. They are still in the autumn have started processing overgrown with young trees and shrubs areas of special cutters and heavy harrows. The additional costs per hectare of arable land amounted to a new 25 to 30 thousand rubles.

It was not easy and the spring sowing, because so far sorghum Yaroslavl land still has not been cultivated. Participants had to send seed to study in the Kostroma region, which already have experience of cultivation of this exotic culture.

And grain sorghum, and green mass contains carotene, protein and carbohydrates, tannins, essential in the diet of animals. The nutritional value of sorghum silage is not inferior to the stern, prepared from corn stalks.

In "Voschazhnikove" where the greatest in the Central Federal District of the dairy complex at 4800 goals in the next two years are planning to increase acreage to 10,000 hectares.

— Already purchased agricultural land such as the Kirov, "Dawn", "Forward", "Verzino", as well as areas Krasnov, Shchurova and other villages, — said Deputy Director General for Agriculture Vladimir Poteshkin. — By the fall will put the second phase of the complex, respectively, increase the number of cows, so kormoobespecheniya try to solve the problem in advance.

Currently, the number of animals Holstein-Friesian breed is gaining strength on the complex is close to a thousand heads, the average daily milk yield of cows more than 25 kilograms. Having reached the design capacity, the complex will produce more than 100 daily tons of milk.

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