Yaroslavl has received new buses

Twenty buses "LiAZ" received Yaroslavl MTE-1. Machines purchased now for lease. In order to improve the quality of public transport services, frequency and comfort of passenger traffic, work is continuing to update the fleet of public transport.

For the company did this ceremony — a significant event. To replace the old and worn-out cars on city routes will be released twenty new buses. Thus, the full release will be provided on the bus line, which will strictly observe the traffic intervals and regularity of traffic and improve transportation services Yaroslavl.

— To 20 buses came at once — this has not happened. And I hope the park will continue to update as intensely — said Nikolai Stepanov, Deputy Mayor of the city of Yaroslavl.
— Each year, we need to update the park, and we do it: in the last year acquired 6 units of buses, now 20. Our task is to purchase a year of at least 40 buses for four years to get closer to a good result — explained
Yevgeny Urlashov, Mayor of the city of Yaroslavl. 

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