Yaroslavl Motor Works Autodiesel GAZ Group increasing production

The mother of all Yaroslavl motor summed up in 2011. They are impressive.

From the conveyor JAMZ for the period descended 49358 engines, more than last year’s 1.2 times. The increase in production is associated with an increase in orders from major customers — car plant "Ural" "GAZ Group" and the Minsk Automobile Plant (MAZ). 

Work for our motorschikov enough demand for the products is growing steadily — Yaroslavl parts only released to 2,777,000,000 rubles., 20458 manufactured transmissions and 922 stationary power plants (a growth of 2.6 times).

The plant continues to develop, implementing projects on production of engines JAMZ-650-530 JAMZ. For the year 2011 produced and sold more than 3.1 thousand heavy in-line engines of JAMZ-650 (Euro-3 and Euro-4). They are required at car factories "Ural" and MAZ, Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant (MWTP), "Tonar", "KrAZ".

On the new site mid-line engines of 530 JAMZ-128 engines already produced pilot batch, certified to meet the standards of Euro 4.

On the "Avtodizel" continues the comprehensive training of professionals of all levels on issues of quality management. Education in the center of the factory staff development for the year were approximately 9,000 employees.

The average salary in the Yaroslavl plant compared with 2010 in 2011 increased 16% to $ 24.3 thousand.

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