Yaroslavl region: in Pereslavsky technopark is ready for the opening of a new production

In "Pereslavsky technopark" has a new resident — a production company "Injection Molding M". Company is engaged in plastics. The product range is quite wide — from disposable utensils to complex parts of household appliances.

At the production site have been installed machines for large-size castings for 850 and 1200 tons.

Initially, the company will work about 20 people. Production work is planned around the clock. 

Ltd. "Pereslavskiy Technopark" established in 2006 on the basis of infrastructure assets of OJSC "Company" Slavich "for the development of innovation and the provision of services to industrial companies. Main activity: the organization of innovative industries, providing logistic services and leasing services, as well as the provision of housing services for the city. Currently, 103 companies are residents of the industrial park.


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