Yaroslavsky Perinatal Center began receiving in hospital

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The announcement of this was announced today at a press conference in the provincial health department.

Recall that the anniversary was sent to physicians on the last day of spring. It will take more than four thousand births per year. However, in the first center established for pregnancies with abnormalities. This is today once again reminded reporters the press conference.
The new perinatal center first baby is on the way. Today there began receiving in hospital. At a press conference in the provincial health department said that there are referred to only pregnant women with abnormalities.
Igor Kagramanyan, director of the Department of Health: "We must be able, launching such a control is not to create hype. Now everyone will say: I want to give birth in the perinatal center, because there are other conditions … It’s not a fine hospital. This institution of higher levels of complexity. "

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Nikolai Karpov, director of the Perinatal Center: "In the perinatal center will take preterm birth before 34 weeks. As the great Pirogov, the battlefield will not solve all the skill of the surgeon, and the organization of medical care. The first hour — the golden hour. And we will be there to help. "
Physicians have yet to get used to the new environment. Area Perinatal Center is huge — 47,000 square meters. There is already a women‘s consultation. In August, will open Centre for Reproductive Health, which will help infertile couples.
Alexander Orleans, chief medical officer of the perinatal center: "All the equipment is top notch, which is in the region — the units, and we have it in full."
In the state of perinatal — five psychologists to work with patients, which for some reason are going to give up their children. For the year in the area — more than forty such cases. Such women will try to persuade to change their decision, they will provide assistance. Also in the perinatal center will foster newborns weighing less than one kilogram.
Natalia Olendar, head of the organization for women and children: "Every woman wants to have a healthy baby. If the child is less than one kilogram — is stress. And the task is to convince physicians that all will be well. "

Journalist YAGTK — Nina Svechnikova.

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