YASZ started the construction of a fourth vessel of SDS08

Yaroslavl shipyard laid the fourth sea diving vessel of SDS08. A vessel of 38 meters in length, built by order of the Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport of the Russian Federation for FSI "Gosmorspassluzhba." The project was designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau.

The project is markedly different from those in the operation of similar ships:

* The ship is a modern diving equipment and remotely operated underwater vehicle to allow you to diving and underwater engineering work at depths up to 100 meters.

* Due to two air-foam fire monitors, with capacity of 180 cubic meters per hour, the ship has the ability to extinguish fires on other ships and plavobektov. The ship is towing winch 7 tons of effort to perform the functions tow.

* Characteristics of the vessel and the special equipment provide performance underwater rescue operations at sea state up to 3 points, with the approach of the vessel to the site of the rescue operation is possible at a height of waves up to 7 meters. 

* To provide the required driving performance on the ship is equipped with two high-speed main engine power of 442 kW each, the vessel over the place of work provided for bow thruster capacity of 120 kW.

* To work on the recovery of sunken ships, underwater ship repair, repair of hydraulic structures, and to provide rescue the equipment for underwater welding at depths up to 25 meters and underwater cutting at depths up to 100 meters, in addition, allows the ship lifting equipment to lift fragments of sunken objects weighing up to 2 tons

* The participation in operations for removal of vessels from the shoal it is possible to pump out water from flooded compartments emergency vessel and purging pontoons.

Thus, the vessel is able to solve almost any specialized tasks associated with underwater maintenance work at depths up to 100 m

The first vessel of the series SDS08 — "Stolny hail Yaroslavl" (building number 201) was laid down on 28 August 2009. She was launched on 12 August 2010. Rented October 25, 2010.

The second vessel of the series — "Rostov" (building number 202) was laid down on March 9, 2010. She was launched on 21 April 2011. Commissioned 30 May 2011.

The third vessel in the series — "Uglich" (building number 203) was laid down on 16 March 2010. She was launched on 24 May 2011. Commissioned in August 7, 2011.

The fourth vessel in the series (yard number 204) was laid down on 9 August 2011.

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