Yayvinskaya TPP has set a new record for the development of


Branch of "E.ON Russia" "Yayvinskaya TPP" set a new record annual electricity production — in 2012, the plant has developed 6,345,000,000 kWh, which is 31% more than last year.


Total since start-up has developed a power plant station Yayvinskaya 172.27 billion kWh The growth of electricity generation power plant Yaivinskaya occurred due to the commissioning in the summer of 2011 a new combined-cycle power power 425 MW. As a result, the installed capacity of power plant Yaivinskaya increased from 600 MW to 1025 MW. The efficiency of CCGT-400 Yaivinskaya plant — 56.6%, more than a third higher than the average efficiency of power units operated to date in Russia. Yayvinskaya power plant — one of the largest thermal power grid Perm. The station provides electricity industrial businesses and communities Verkhnekamye, including Bereznikovsko-Solikamsky industrial hub.

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