Yes, so all of you … zahoroshelo!

Switzerland nervously smoking …

One day to visit me logged two charming women, who are used to take care of her figure. And so, treating them to tea, I offered sweets and suddenly clear how the X-ray machine and saw what their internal struggle going on between "want" and "can not." On a subconscious level, I felt the stress of their condition, in which they have plunged themselves with their limitations, this abandonment of the sweet. I see and feel that their body with such a restriction does not agree (and in fact people like them — millions).

And instantly I woke up in the excitement. I wanted to beat these unwholesome, harmful, leading to weight gain sweetness. I really wanted to make sure that such nonsense, like inability to eat something sweet, does not lead men and women to stress and depression.
After 8 months of daily searches and experiments, we introduced a new product to those for whom we are trying so hard: our sweetness went to the shops. And the vice-mayor of Krasnogorsk (one of the most of my guests), I sent a basket full of sweets. Now she can drink tea with sweets to give pleasure, and do not fear for your figure, also marked on each of its calorie candy.

Chocolate with flax seeds

Chocolate with beetroot and bran

Living candy with tomatoes and celery

candy with a pumpkin

And a lot more then in the company of goodies for HEALTH

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