Yogi who is afraid of nothing




Indian yoga instructor talked about how he teaches the children to get rid of the feeling of fear. In general, everything is easy — it teaches of meditation, taking in her mouth … snake, toad or, at worst, a cockroach.

A follower of "Ayurveda" Yogesh Chavan told that before every class he sets himself on a certain way, to, God forbid, do not look scared in front of children.

Here are the words of yoga: "Most of these preparations are being made in the course of the demonstration. Example, in the case of frogs, I first of all I clean it thoroughly, because, as a cold-blooded animals, it has a habit of peeing when you touch her warm rukoy.Ya to do so to put a frog in his mouth as soon as it is cleaned and before it will have a new urge to urinate. "

"As for the snakes, for their demonstrations, naturally, I took away copies of the non-poisonous."

In addition to these extraordinary meditations, the resident Bulapura can chew red ants. "Doing this is difficult because the red ants bite hard, and I have overcome the pain," — said the yogi.

According to his confession, his discovery of how to prepare for future yoga meditation he learned during one of his trips with children, committed five years ago. He also showed the children how to overcome fear. For clarity, he took a variety of insects in his mouth, and then moved to the snakes.

"Fear — a special state of mind. Regularly doing yoga, each person can teach yourself to overcome this feeling and to achieve the maximum concentration" — God Chavan told in an interview with the agency Mid-day.

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